28 March 2024

My most popular posts — don’t miss them!

Don’t Miss These: Ba&Sh cardigan | Nili Lotan denim skirt | Slingbacks | ATM t-shirt | Fendi bag

My Most Popular Posts — Don’t Miss Them!

I love writing this little blog with all my heart, and it’s truly my happy place! Starting a small business in my mid-50’s has been the journey of a lifetime, and I’m really grateful that I get to meet some of you in person — sometimes in random places! For example, a few weeks ago in Palm Springs, I rolled out of bed, put on a baseball cap (thank goodness), and while eating breakfast in a corner, a follower from Ohio came over and introduced herself. Last month, while touring the Kips Bay Show House, I met a new friend in the upstairs bedroom 😂 Even in a small café in Paris, while heading out on a food tour, I met two So Susie subscribers. To say that my heart is full is an understatement!

If you’ve been here for a while, you know I write a lot. And, some of the best posts get scooted down, and kind of get lost. Of course, I don’t want you to miss them! Recently, someone asked if I ever run out of ideas — and I really don’t. The hardest part is taking the ideas and narrowing them down in order to make them interesting and not too long. Some might still be too long, but I try.

So, I thought I’d gather some of the most popular posts on So Susie in recent weeks that some of you may have missed. Since my new website launched last month, I wrote several posts that didn’t go out in emails. For example, this beauty post and this travel post are on my blog, but you didn’t receive them directly. So … check the blog for new posts every now and then! And, keep reading this post to see the most popular posts of late, including this one about shoes, and this product reviews one. Cheers, and thank you for your support! 🥂


7 Dresses That Keep Selling Out


Susie: Veronica Beard knit dress | Sandals | Dior bag | Right: Denim dress | Cardigan | Bag | Sandals | Bracelet

I get lots of DMs every day (which I absolutely love 😊), and hands down, the single most asked question is “what do I wear to xxx event?” Other questions I get often include what to wear to a wedding, a work event, a birthday celebration, a cocktail party, and on vacation — to name just a few. And, my answer is always the same: A DRESS! This is by far the easiest way to pull a great outfit together, so having a few good dresses in your rotation is key. Right now, there are many options to choose from, and in particular, there are 7 dresses that keep selling out … because everyone loves them! Click here to read the post.


10 Beauty Products I Fell In Love With This Past Year

Pappinelle robe | Parker Hotel, Palm Springs

Like many of you, I enjoy experimenting with new beauty products, and even consider myself to be a bit of a beauty junkie. I’m in no way implying that I’m an expert at applying makeup, or that I’m familiar with every new item out there … but I’ve certainly tried my fair share over the years! And, since I’ve been doing my own makeup since high school, I must admit I kind of know a thing or two about the actual products many of us use. So, I thought I’d share the 10 beauty products I fell in love with this past year. Click here to read the post.


Stop making this shoe mistake

Frame blouse | Citizens of Humanity jeans | Slingbacks | Lady Dior bag | Necklaces: here and here

How often do you go shopping, find something you love, and then fret while it just sits in your closet?! Well, usually it’s because of this shoe mistake: we’re missing the key piece that helps pull your outfit together. Sometimes it can be a jacket or the right accessories, but more often than not … it’s THE SHOES!

Click here to read all about shoes, with a special section devoted to neutral shoes. I feel so passionate about this subject because I’ve tested it out on myself, and trust me — it works. Don’t make the mistake of not owning several pairs! Keep reading to see which neutral shoes I have personally tried and love, and of course, 7 shoe trends that are perfect for spring. After all, who doesn’t love a new pair shoes? Have fun with it!


The one color that works magic on every outfit!

Cara Cara dress | YSL sandals | Celine bag

Several years ago, I was helping a client at Nordstrom. When we walked into the dressing room., the most beautiful bag was hanging on the hook! It was a creamy saddle brown caramel color, and it changed the way I think about this color. At the time, it was the “it” bag seen all over the streets of NYC during Fashion Week. And, there it was, hanging right in front of me 🙂

Sure, the Loewe Puzzle bag is still considered a classic — but it was the color that captured my attention. The beautiful outfits that were created around this gorgeous bag were elevated and sophisticated; it really took everything to the next level. So, now the question is: which caramel-colored pieces should you invest in? Well, click here and I’ll give you my best suggestions!


Here’s a packing tip that works for every trip

Moncler jacket | Mother Dazzler jeans | Sambas | Monos luggage | YSL tote | ATM tee | Gucci bag

Here’s the pro tip: lay out your clothes by activity! This is the easiest way to make sure you have everything you need, and it also helps you make outfits as you pack. Items I take on every single trip include these favorite lululemon leggings, this Beis Weekender bag and this black scarf. These are all travel basics that I highly recommend for everyone. Click here to to get more tips and ideas, and to see a little outfit inspo. Happy travels!


Product reviews: My honest opinions on what to buy

 Frame top | CoH Isola jeans | Sandals | YSL tote | Gigi Clozeau necklace | Michele watch

Click here to read my exclusive, honest reviews of some your favorite items. Purchasing online is tricky, and relying on reviews can also be challenging. For example, lately I’ve been getting questions about the Mother Lil petite jeans vs. the regular sized ones, and how they fit. I’ve also been asked which lightweight puffer jacket to purchase, the Moncler or the Zella. The list goes on and on, so hopefully this post will help guide you to make the best selections when you’re deciding which items to buy. Let me know if you like it, and I’ll write more posts like this one. Cheers! 🌟


The “It” List: What’s New and Now

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Click here to read the “IT” List, What’s New and Now! There’s something so exciting about the beginning of a new season — it feels vibrant and full of promise, with brighter weather and longer days ahead. It’s like a sneak peak into what we’ll be wearing for Spring/Summer 2024, and it inspired me to create an “IT” List so we all have an idea of things to come. I hope you like it 🤍


Thank you for reading xx