1 January 2024

7 Closet Organization Tips From a Personal Stylist!

Organization tips: Lilysilk sweater | Mother denim

7 Closet Organization Tips From a Personal Stylist

Happy new year!

I’ve helped A LOT of women with their closets over the years, both in-person and virtually. And, there’s one closet mistake (almost) everyone makes: we have way too many things! Believe it or not, this actually makes getting dressed that much more challenging. Probably the number one thing I hear on a daily basis is “I have the hardest time making outfits.” Well, there are several reasons why, and I’ll be addressing them in the next couple of weeks. But, the first place to start is to assess what you already own. Two years ago, when I did my own closet remodel, as I moved every thing back in, each item had to “earn” its place!!

So, before you make any new purchases, I highly recommend cleaning out your closet. This is the perfect new year’s day activity. It feels SO good — and then you can actually see what needs to be replaced and where the holes are, and then make room for fun, new purchases for this coming year.

Today’s post is about 7 closet organization tips I’ve learned throughout my career. They’re really useful, and I’m happy to share them with all of you. Having a pared down, highly edited closet makes getting dressed SO MUCH EASIER!! Keep reading for a little closet inspo, and for a few ideas on what to keep and what to toss from your closet. Happy organizing!


Closet inspo

Light fixture | Dividers | Hangers | Diptyque oval | Marble tray | Gold shelves | The laundress | Pink steamer | Laundry basket


Susie: Veronica Beard top | Levi’s | Closet: Chandelier | Gold table | Gucci bag | Black sandals | The Closet Factory


7 Closet Organization tips

01. Invest in a rolling rack. Trust me on this one, it makes cleaning your closets so much easier!

02. Categorize your clothes. I like to fold denim and sweaters and hang everything else. Plus, it’s easier when it comes to making outfits.

03. Colorize from light to dark. I learned this at Nordstrom on day one!

04. Matching hangers is the single best thing you can buy for your closet. It’s an instant change, and you’ll immediately feel like there is organization in your closet. I love the velvet ones above, or wood ones which you can get here.

05. Keep it seasonal. If you can find the room, separating your clothes by season is super helpful. It’s another way to thin things out that in turn will make it easier to get dressed.

06. DIY hacks like installing a valet rod, or even wallpaper, will make your closet feel like a really special space. I mentioned wax paper yesterday in this video and it’s another insider tip to help make your hangers glide easily and not make that horrible noise 😉

07. Add the extras. Things like scented drawer liners, baskets and this Diptyque scented oval will make your closet feel luxurious.


What I’m keeping/tossing: starting with denim

Tossing: Super skinny jeans, and setting aside ripped jeans, poorly fitting styles and anything not worn in months

Adding/keeping: Flares, straight leg, full length denim and looking for dark denim or écru

Anine Bing jacket | ATM t-shirt | Paige Laurel Canyon jeans | L’Agence shoes | Chloe tote

If you’re like me, then you’re most likely rotating through 3-4 pairs of jeans at any given time. That’s why it’s best to toss anything that’s dated. This includes low-rise denim, super skinny denim and anything that’s ill-fitting. While you’re at it, before you store white denim, toss it if it looks dingy! Since denim is the backbone of our closets, the pairs you do own should fit perfectly. P.S. We don’t need loads of denim – just a handful 🙂

Currently on my radar



Tossing: Tees with holes or stains; graphic tees I’m no longer wearing

Adding/keeping: Fresh white tees, stripes like this one, Anine Bing tees like this, and simple long sleeved tees like this

Cinq a Sept Holly jacket | Michael Stars white tank | Peyton jeans (faves) | Sandals | Clare V. bag

I’m still puzzled as to why holes appear in strange places on our tees, but when they do, it’s time to toss! I still love ATM tees (I just refreshed my own), and I have my eye on this Veronica Beard puff sleeve style. If you like a v-neck style, this one by Frame is a stylist favorite and so is this ATM one. Remember, t-shirts aren’t outfit makers, so you only need a handful. I probably have less than 10, including graphic tees.

Currently on my radar



Tossing: Shoes I haven’t worn in over a year, anything that looks dated

Adding/keeping: Comfy sneakers, slingbacks, loafers, neutral shoes, and updated boots

Veronica Beard blazer | Chanel slingbacks, similar here | COH jeans | Naghedi tote

For the first time in a long time, I took all my shoes out of boxes, and now I can see the entire collection — which is so exciting! Except, I didn’t want to see the old ones I’ll most likely never wear again. So … goodbye old shoes! Shoes I wear on repeat: Gucci loafers, these new sneakers, and these boots. Also, just added these chunky boots. And splurged on this second pair! Everyone should own a gold sandal like these. When it comes to neutral shoes, make sure to have several pairs since they go with everything. Ones I wear all the time include this pump, and this sandal.

Currently on my radar



Tossing: Stretched out bras and shapewear, dingy panties, old camis and mismatched pj’s

Adding/keeping: Soft and comfy everyday bras, new shapewear, matching pj’s, silk robes, and fave Bliss thongs

Halogen cardigan | Vuori jogger | Wacoal High Standards Bra

For some reason, lingerie drawers tend to fill up quickly — not really sure why! Since it’s easier to have several well-fitting, comfortable bras to choose from, just toss your old ones. The Wacoal Softly Styled bra is the one I reach for daily. Also can’t imagine getting dressed without this strapless bra. The only two panties I wear and recommend are Natori Bliss thongs, and Chantelle Soft Stretch panties in any of the styles (a stylist favorite). Of course, let’s not forget shapewear — this and this are the ones I’m keeping in my drawer. Refreshing your sleepwear feels SO good! Consider adding this silk robe and these pj’s.

Currently on my radar



Tossing: Old pants that have been taking up room, anything low-rise, and anything else not worn in years

Adding/keeping: Trouser style pants, slim black pants like these best-selling ones by Spanx, and these by Frame

Theory suede trench here and here | Matching pant | Cami

Relaxed trousers are definitely still trending, and it’s nice to have an alternative to jeans. The Effortless trouser from Aritzia is the one I’ve found really works. It comes in shorter lengths as well. I’m also trying these, which also come in shorter lengths and they arrive tomorrow. For super slimming, leg lengthening styles, look at this Spanx pair, along with this one — both are so good. This ankle style by Frame is another consideration, and it’s really flattering.

Currently on my radar


Sweater Organization

Tossing: Pilled and stretched out sweaters, old sweaters not worn in years — we all have them!

Adding/keeping: Cashmere, simple tees, J.Crew cardigans, cashmere hoodies and grey sweaters

Lucie sweater | Aritizia trouser

I think we all agree: we ALL have too many sweaters. Toss any pilled and stretched out styles, and replace with classic ones like this lightweight cashmere tee or this hoodie. Also, anything with stripes is super stylish right now, and I’m contemplating this one. If you like jacket cardigans, J.Crew makes the best ones — I recommend the Juliette (which runs large so size down), and this lady jacket. Sweater organization is key!

Currently on my radar



Tossing: Dated, printed scarves, old jewelry that’s out of style, bags not worn in a while

Adding/keeping: a classic black and brown belt, elevated print and solid scarves, updated bags, and wear-every day jewelry

Spanx top | Faux leather legging | Loci sneakers

Good organization is key when it comes to accessories and bags. This is another category that likely needs a good edit! I have four scarves I wear regularly: this camel wrap, this black one, this Gucci one and a printed AllSaints one. Also, a couple of belts is really all you need, and this tonal Gucci one is amazing. When it comes to bags, totes are practical and stylish, and this YSL and Chloe are faves. And, most everyone can use a black bag — love this one. Go through all your pieces, and edit, edit, edit. It feels so good! 🙂


Thank you for reading xx