4 January 2024

January Drop: 6 Pieces You Need Now!

Building a wardrobe: Halogen blazer, $139 | Mother Insider denim | Chloe tote | Sandal | White tank – love

If you’re building a wardrobe, start here!

6 staples you’ll wear all winter

When it comes to building your wardrobe, investing in the right bottoms should be a top priority! After decades in the dressing room, I can tell you with certainty that having the right bottom piece is the starting point every for every great outfit. And, since we all love denim, finding a style you love and that fits properly is something you’ll never regret! The other day on Instagram, I shared this video with three styles that should be edited: jeans that don’t fit, super distressed denim, and low-rise (4″ zipper low) styles. Side note on the distressed: I’m talking really distressed, like shredded denim, more ripped than what I was wearing in the video 😉

If there’s one style of denim that works for pretty much everyone, it’s a slim, straight leg jean. This style is easy to wear with every shoe you own. I’m talking sandals, boots, heels, sneakers … and who doesn’t want that versatility? Plus, they’re flattering and make it easy to build outfits. Trust me on this one, a good jean will level up all your outfits.

My Nordstrom Stylist friends and I just announced our January “N6 Drop” (a monthly drop of six of our favorite, best-selling items). This month, we selected a striped blouse, a practical rain jacket, this season’s hottest shoe, and of course, the best-selling jeans that work for almost everyone. Today’s post is about making good, solid everyday outfits for winter, and the key staples that make it all work. They’re super simple, very wearable, and I’m sure you’ll love them 🙂 Keep reading to see what they are, and of course, how to style them. And … Happy New Year! 🥂


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Left: Puffer jacket | Mother jeans | Cashmere sweater | Scarf | Earrings | Boots

Middle: AirEssentials pullover | Leggings | Loci sneakers | Briggs & Riley luggage | YSL tote

Right: Zella vest | Cashmere sweater | Scarf | Mother jeans | Tote | Earrings | Boots


The brand new January N6 Drop


Rains jacket | AllSaints heart cardigan | Paige Cindy jeans | Slingbacks | Rails blouse | Naghedi tote


Special sweaters

I spotted this cute AllSaints cardigan the other day, and it’s gorgeous in person. Since most of us have solid classic sweaters, adding a fun one you love will take your wardrobe up a few notches. As long as you have the basics covered, it’s an addition where you can’t go wrong — just pick something that catches your eye.


Left: Belted jacket | Heart sweater | Naghedi tote | Baseball hat | Slingbacks | Right: Cream coat | Pink sweater | Jeans | Earrings | Gucci slingbacks | Naghedi Bag


Silky blouses

Feminine, silky blouses is a category I recommend to everyone. They’re sophisticated, a little sexy in an understated way, and they’re also a trending category. This Frame Gillian style with the puff sleeve detail is a favorite, and so is this classic long sleeved style. You can dress these blouses down by pairing them with denim, and even a cozy cardigan like this one.


Left: Coat | Frame silk blouse | Jeans | Naghedi bag | Bracelet | Slingbacks | Right: Rag & Bone coat | Jeans | Rails blouse | Slingbacks | Naghedi bag | Earrings


Casual jackets

This time of year, adding a lighter weight jacket or coat you’ll wear from now through spring is a good idea. I know winter just started, but now is when the fashion world starts shipping early spring things. Think trench coats, rain coats and lightweight puffers. One of my favorites is this one from J.Crew. I highly suggest grabbing one in the next several weeks — this way you’ll own the most important piece when you’re making transitional outfits.


Left: Sandro trench | White shirt | J.Crew bracelet | Naghedi bag | Slingbacks | Right: Sandro trench |Frame blouse | Slingbacks | Jeans | Naghedi bag



If there’s one shoe trend to take note of, slingbacks are it! Just yesterday, wasting no time in LA, I found myself in the Bloomingdales shoe department. Every brand has a slingback in their line up! There are varying heel heights along with different price points. The Sam Edelman Bianca one is SO GOOD, and it comes in a handful of colors. There’s also this Chanel-inspired version, and I love this YSL one and this Gucci one. Wear them with everything, especially denim!


Naghedi totes and bags

These neoprene bags are really great. They’re super durable and practical. I have several and I use them often, though I prefer the St. Barths Medium totes (they all come with a small pouch inside). When I was on the Upper East Side in NYC last fall, I spotted them everywhere. Recently, I tried this smaller bag with a strap, and just love it — especially the blue/black combo.


Straight leg denim

The one jean style that goes with every single shoe! I’m not joking, a slim, straight leg jean is the net step up from our beloved skinnies. As a matter of fact, the Mother Dazzler actually feels like a skinny to me, but it’s not super tight at the ankle which is way more modern!

Brands to consider: AG Mari | Mother Dazzler | Paige Cindy | Frame Le High Straight


Thank you for reading xx