1 February 2024

10 Beauty Products I Fell In Love With This Past Year

Fell in love! Pappinelle robe | Parker Hotel, Palm Springs

10 Beauty Products I Fell In Love With This Past Year

Like many of you, I enjoy experimenting with new beauty products, and even consider myself to be a bit of a beauty junkie. I’m in no way implying that I’m an expert at applying makeup, or that I’m familiar with every new item out there … but I’ve certainly tried my fair share over the years! And, since I’ve been doing my makeup since high school, I must admit I kind of know a thing or two about the actual products many of us use. So, I thought I’d share the 10 beauty products I fell in love with this past year!

The products featured below are loved by many. Some of them, like the Sisley Rose Cream Mask my friend has been going on and on about, I didn’t actually try right away. But when I finally did … WOW was she right! And, sometimes these are the best kind of recommendations — ones made by close friends and colleagues you trust 😊 You’ve probably already tried some of these. But, I hope you discover a few new ones, because these are the simple luxuries in life that can bring us a little joy — sometimes right when we need it.


But First … My Everyday Makeup Routine! 

Easy, quick, and pretty

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner | Westman Atelier Tinted Highlight and Brush | Luminous Silk Foundation | Brow Whiz | Charlotte Tilbury Concealer | Chanel Blush | Chanel Lipgloss | Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Powder | Charlotte Tilbury Kidman’s Kiss lipstick


I’ve been using Giorgio Armani foundation for years (color 5.5). Yes, I’ve tried others, but none are as good as this imo. I always use a primer first, and I’m currently using this one. Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Powder is like an Instagram filter for your face. And, the Chanel blush called Rose Initial is a soft, peachy color that looks pretty on almost everyone

My favorite lip combo — Kidman’s Kiss, Pink Venus Liner and Chanel Lipgloss in Rose Pulpe

These days, I hardly leave the house without using this eyebrow pencil. It makes a big difference for your overall appearance, and full eyebrows are youthful looking!

Love this concealer, and it’s one of the few I’ve found that’s light, yet provides a little coverage. It doesn’t settle in your wrinkles either 😉


Beauty Favorites

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