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Where it all started …

My journey in fashion began at Nordstrom over 25 years ago as a buyer, manager, and personal stylist. I gained firsthand knowledge of trends, market demands, and the business of retail…and made lots of great friends along the way.


However, my greatest “aha” moments came during my years as a personal stylist. While in the dressing room one-on-one with clients, day in and day out, I came to this simple realization: in order to build a successful, stylish wardrobe, we need key pieces that work well together and can be worn over and over again.

I know my customer’s lifestyle because I’m living it.

So, after a very fulfilling career at Nordstrom, I wanted to put all my knowledge, expertise and passion in one place – that’s why I created my website, So Susie. This is where I share everything I learned in the dressing room, and make recommendations so you can put together stylish outfits for real life … every day.

Earning your trust is of the utmost importance to me, so I only recommend things that I own or have tried on myself, or that my trusted sources have approved. This is my authenticity promise to you 🤍

Thank you for following along,

Susie xx

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