28 January 2019

These Six Things Will Spruce Up Your Home

It’s almost the end of January, and I have spent the entire month cleaning up and tidying up and switching things up in my house.  Did I Marie Kondo the place?  No, I’m not THAT organized. But in doing this Spring-prep, I realized that I have a few things I buy over and over and over again.  Clearly they are my favorites!  My friends love them too – we all burn candles, listen to music, and … wash our hands 🙂

Keep reading and if you want to try them out, click and buy!


hand soap by compagnie de Provence

Seriously the best.  Every single scent smells so good, and the bottle is really pretty.  I love the Rose one, and recently tried the Fleur de Cotton mainly because I love the white lettering on the bottle!  I have one in my kitchen, powder room, bathroom, and even in the laundry room.  I purchase the refills here so I can reuse the pretty bottles when the soap is gone.  And it goes quickly!


Dash and Albert rugs

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing these rugs are!  They’re indoor/outdoor, the color options are endless AND you can wash them in the washing machine.  I have them all throughout my house and love how they add coziness to a room.  Last count, I had 9!


Dash and Albert rug, water dispenser, white Le Creuset


Blue and white accessories

Jars, vases, bowls — I realize it’s a trend, and every magazine spread has a blue and white room … but it’s also timeless.  And, if you thoughtfully purchase pieces you love, you’ll have them forever.  Right now I have camellia branches in two of my vases and it’s the perfect springy touch in the middle of winter.  A couple of local places in Portland I love to peruse for unique pieces are Manor and Asia America.  Online, check out Wisteria and One Kings Lane.



Sonos speakers

The surround sound in our home is literally one of the best things about our house (thank goodness my husband is a techie). Sonos Speakers have transformed the way we listen to music … and nothing says PARTY like high volume music!  We have all three of these speakers and use them every single day.  For more info, DM me!  And, can you even believe we sell them at Nordstrom?


accent tables you’ll love: garden stools

If you buy a small table, you will have a super versatile piece that you can move anywhere in your house!  I put my garden stool outside in the summer and in the winter I bring it into my office to showcase a few of my special books.  They hold candles, magazines, cocktails, and even your feet 🙂  These are the best!


Yummy candles: Le Labo, diptyque, jo Malone

i know I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record … but I’m telling you, these make your WHOLE HOUSE smell like a dream!  I promise!


Le Labo ‘Santal 26”

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