30 November 2022

A secret: all my friends buy home items from this store

A secret: buy from this store!  Sweatshirt | Jeans | John Derian book

A secret: all my friends buy home items from this store

Way back in 2020, during the early days of the pandemic, my only outings were to the grocery store and Target. On one of those outings, I told the fam I was making a “toilet paper run,” and of course found myself in the loungewear department, loading up on all the pj’s, robes and cozy WFH outfits I could find 😊 Then, as I walked through the entire store because it was my only time out of the house, I made my way to the home department. McGee & Co had just launched at Target, and since I was already a fan of Shea McGee, I could hardly wait to check it out. Sneaking a bench into the house (!) along with a big bag of loungewear and other necessities was a little tricky, but I did it without too much fuss! 😂

We all love Target ♥️

Here’s a secret: all my friends buy home items here at Target! For example, I regularly look at the new McGee & Co collections, and always find something I love on my Target visits —  don’t we all? Pretty much everyone I know buys home accessories, furniture and decorative items at Target.

A while back, I read an article about a John Derian book where the pages were actually meant to be torn out and used as art around your house. What a brilliant idea! Since I was decorating my new Instagram office, I knew I had to give it a try. The John Derian book has beautiful illustrations, and the white frames are relatively inexpensive. They look so nice when grouped on a wall together 🙂 Currently I have a handful of framed pieces, and I love them all. Whenever anyone comes into my office, they always compliment them! (See this Reels Video for a little inspo.)

Keep reading to see all the fun new home finds I’ve recently discovered at Target, including the bench I was talking about, the John Derian book and a best-selling olive tree. All so good!


Susie’s home faves


Left: Sweatshirt | Black jeans | John Derian book | Right: John Derian book | Frames


Style board inspo

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Thank you for Target for sponsoring this post!

Great home finds at this store: Target!
Chanel Coffee Table Book
I love to use coffee table books as home décor, and have them all over my home, including the living room and family room tables, and out nightstands. Target has a great selection -- they make wonderful gifts too.
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Decorative Gold Mirror
Look at this gorgeous gold mirror! It reminds me of the huge one I gave in my Instagram office. Looks great anywhere, whether hung on a wall or on the floor leaning against the wall.
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Wooden Bench
I found this cute bench at Target several years ago. It's in my stairway, and I merchandised it with coffee table books, magazines, littel frames and plants -- all purchased at Target.
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Cast Iron Casserole Pot
This cast iron casserole pot has come in handy as I love to make soup in the fall. It also looks pretty on my stovetop, so sometimes I just leave it there (washed, of course 😉)
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Woven Basket
I use these woven baskets for both storage & décor. Target has different shapes and sizes, so it's easy to find ones that will fit your space.
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Artificial Olive Tree
An artificial olive tree is great for those of us who aren't great at taking care of our plants ;) It's tall and looks great in a corner.
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Marble Tray
This marble tray is perfect to keep in your bathroom to display your perfumes!
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Flocked Wreath
Mixing in faux greenery with fresh greens is a wonderful way to add volume and make faux greenery look more natural. This wreath is currently in my office and I love the flocking -- it puts us all in the holiday spirit!
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Cashmere Reversible Throw Blanket
A great neutral throw blanket for your home & it's on sale too! This soft blanket also makes the perfect gift because you can put it anywhere :)
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Framed Art Canvas
A framed art canvas always elevates the room where it's displayed. I love this piece from McGee & Co., it's peaceful and pretty!
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Really love the gold details on this nightstand. This will look stylish in any room because it's a neutral shade, and looks elegant. And, it's very well-priced!
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Clear Glass Jar
These clear glass jars are in my kitchen storing flour and sugar, and in my laundry room they store detergent. I love them because they're BIG!
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John Derian Hardcover Book
Here is the John Derian book I talked about above. It has the most beautiful illustrations! The book is designed so you can tear the pages out and frame them. Brilliant!
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White Matte Picture Frame
These frames are the ones I used to frame pages from the John Derian book. They're also perfect for grouping family photos, and they're not expensive!
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