29 July 2022

Entertain outdoors with these great summer finds!


Great for outdoors: Blue glasses | Blue floral plates | Glass drink dispenser

Entertain outdoors with these great Summer Finds!

I absolutely love to entertain outdoors, and every year I pick up a few things to give our outside space an update. Our summers are short here in Portland, so we try to be outdoors as much as possible! This year, I found the cutest reversible pillows — and both sides are pretty. It’s the easiest way to make a couch look brand new. Also, I’m hoping this glass drink dispenser will encourage guests to drink more water. Of course, adding lemons and limes will make it look enticing in any setting!

Today’s post is about how to entertain outdoors with these great summer finds from Walmart. My friends are always surprised at all the fun things I find there, like these useful wicker baskets, this outdoor stove and pretty floral plates that look great with any white plates you might already own. The list goes on and on and Walmart has the best things for your outdoor spaces! Read on for some tips, and to get ideas for your own update. Happy entertaining! ☀️


Our recently updated back deck

Pillows | Garden stool | Drink dispenser

Garden stools are so useful — use them as side tables or as extra seating

Outdoor pillows can really switch up the look of your outside space

Fresh flowers and greenery pull everything together



Outdoors Entertaining finds

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 Use an outdoor rug to make the space cozy — this one is a good one!

Adding a touch of wicker to any outdoor space always works, and this basket and this chair caught my eye

Twinkly lights and flowers work magic too



Summer Home Updates

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

This chair is modern but comfy, and looks good in any space no matter what your style is

Adding a mirror like this one is another design trick that adds magic to every room

Always love a good coffee table book and candle

Summer Entertaining Finds!
Outdoor wicker furniture
This 4-piece set is so cute, well priced at under $700 and makes a great set up for outdoor entertaining.
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Outdoor Rug
An outdoor rug goes a long way in making your outdoor space feel warm and cozy! This one is available is lots of sizes.
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Solo stove fire pit
My favorite thing to do in the summer is to have a fire in the evening after dinner with family and friends - this Solo Stove makes it so easy if you don't have a built in fire pit!
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Votive candles
Candles go a long way toward creating ambiance, and adding a little color is a fun way to brighten up your space.
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Wicker baskets
Wicker baskets are a great place to store blankets, either inside or outdoors, when it gets a little chilly later in the evening!
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Cashmere Blend Throw
I have soft cashmere blankets everywhere — inside and outside. They're perfect when entertaining to make sure everyone is comfy! This one comes in many colors and beautiful neutrals.
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Natural Pendant Light
Adding lighting to your outdoor space is a must. Whether it's string lights or this cool pendant, lighting can make a huge difference.
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Garden Stool
I love these garden stools. They are great for an extra seat when entertaining. I also use them inside in my master bathroom.
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Slim Aarons book
This Slim Aarons Style book is one of my favorite coffee table books. It’s a great way to bring color and interest to any room!
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Bar Cart
A good bar cart is always nice to have. You can set it up and use it inside, or just wheel it out to the the patio for an insta bar!
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Floral Salad Plates
I typically use all white dishes, but I do like to add a pop of color with my salad plates.
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Throw pillow
Pillows are a fun way to brighten up your space and add a little pattern. Don’t be afraid to bring your indoor pillows outdoors for a night of entertaining!