7 January 2024

Prioritize your purchases in 2024!

2024 Purchases: Veronica Beard turtleneck, solid colors here | Aritzia pant | L’Agence sandal | Chloe tote | Jenny Bird bracelet

Prioritize your purchases in 2024!


Recently someone asked me this question: How should I prioritize my purchases when (re)building a wardrobe? Great question! And, I quickly thanked her for the blog post topic 😉 You see, what I learned over a decade helping women one-on-one is that we often buy things that don’t actually make outfits. So, the start of a new year is the perfect time to review your essentials (including recent purchases) and get your closet organized. A solid wardrobe foundation not only makes getting dressed easy and effortless, but also helps you be prepared for any occasion. Once you’ve got the basics, getting dressed is easy!

Today’s post is Part 1 of a two-part series on how to prioritize your purchases in 2024. It will cover both the essentials everyone needs, and the trendy pieces you should add to attain the perfect wardrobe. In other words, invest in the things that really matter — the building blocks of a wardrobe, and the pieces that you’ll wear over and over again. Then, fill in the gaps with the fun stuff! Keep reading for a checklist of essentials everyone should own. And, stay tuned for Part 2: the fun and trendy pieces that will take your wardrobe to a completely new level. Happy 2024! 🌟


Street style inspo to start off 2024


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After 25+ years of helping women in the dressing room, here’s what I’ve observed over and over again …

Everyone’s essentials are different, but as a stylist, I know which ones to recommend. Trust me — I’m very confident when making recommendations about items you should buy and how to wear them. For example, right now, you need to have these go-to items as the foundation of your wardrobe: a great jacket/coat/blazer, a beautiful scarf, a current jean, a stylish shoe, and a nice handbag. Basic. Everyone needs these essentials.


When a key piece or two is missing, outfits don’t come together. A client recently told me for the hundredth time “I have nothing to wear!” and I thought to myself: how can that be?? I had just helped her select a few essentials that all worked together beautifully! Well, unbeknownst to me, she had made a couple of returns: a jacket that was the pull-it-all-together piece for most of the outfits, and a black scarf that was the accessory to wear with absolutely everything. We stylists carefully put together outfits that revolve around certain essentials, so, if you return a key piece, you do need to replace it with another one.

My guiding principle as a stylist: every item you buy should be able to be worn at least three different ways (if not more). I’ll help you find the pieces that will earn you street cred for always looking put together — in other words, essentials that will give you miles and miles of wear, season after season. These include your favorite denim, a wear-everywhere blazer, the best shoes … and more.

*Here are the key essentials today’s well-dressed, confident woman needs in her closet*


Stylish jackets

Blazer, classic wool coat, timeless trench


Left: Camel coat | Frame blouse | Frame trousers | Chloe tote | Toteme boot | Sunglasses | Right: Veronica Beard blazer | Rag & Bone jeans | Stripe turtleneck | Toteme bag | Watch | Slingbacks

Blazer/jacket staples

Coat staples


The best denim

Favorite fits: Mother Hustler | Mother Insider | Mother Dazzler | Paige Cindy | Rag & Bone Peyton


A great dress (or two or three) always comes in handy

3 favorites you’ll wear over and over again: ALC Renzo, Slipdress, Norma Kamali strapless


Left: Theory trench | Norma Kamali dress | Sandals | YSL bag | Earrings | Right: J.Crew jacket | Slipdress | Boots | Metallic bag | Earrings


Black bottoms

The starting point of every outfit

Favorites: Frame crop trouserSpanx hi-rise pant | Spanx ankle pantGood American faux leather skirt


A cardigan you’ll want in every color

Left: J.Crew cardigan | ATM tee | Jeans | Sneakers | Gucci bag | Right: Cardigan | Mother jeans | Striped tee | Loci sneakers | Gucci bag


Classic blouses




Neutral shoes you’ll love


Finishing touches



Thank you for reading xx