26 March 2024

8 Investment Pieces I’ve Worn For Years!

Worn for years: Rag & Bone Slade blazer | CoH Isabel tank | Sweater over shoulders | Mother Hustler jeans | Schutz sandal | Bottega bag

8 Investment Pieces I’ve Worn For Years!

Working on articles with Who What Wear is one of my favorite things to do, and you can imagine how honored I am when asked for my “advice” on fashion and style. My partnership with WWW is coming up on four years now, and I continue to be extremely proud to be affiliated with them. Recently, I was asked about the investment pieces I have in my closet that I’ve worn for years. Well, that’s easy, since I have a handful of items that get lots of wear, most months of the year. It takes time to build a wardrobe, and if you add pieces little by little, you’ll end up with a solid set of essentials that make stylish, everyday outfits. You can read the article here.

After sorting through my closet last week,  I’ve zeroed in on the most important investment pieces you’ll wear for years to come, and I’m excited to share them with you! You’ll notice that the items are ones I mention here regularly. For example, the ATM t-shirt that everyone needs, the lightweight puffer that’s my absolute go-to, and of course, classic handbags that stand the test of time. Remember to focus on items you truly love and feel good in!  In my opinion, it’s actually better to have fewer pieces — this makes getting dressed much much easier.

P.S. Today’s post is a recap from my latest WWW article. Remember, when the article first appears in WWW, the clothing selections are made by Drew Elovitz and her team (she also chooses the title). But, when I recap the article, the items shared are MY picks. I hope you like them!


#1 Classic blue jeans

Cinq a Sept Holly jacket | CoH Isabel tank | rag & bone Peyton | Schutz sandals | YSL tote | Sunglasses

Classic faded blue jeans are always in style, and this medium blue wash will go with everything you currently own. I’ll probably be wearing this style for years to come! Right now, I love this Peyton long length jean, which is currently on F&F. Other faded blue jeans include this Mother, this AG and this Paige. Add a pair to your closet and I promise you’ll wear them all the time.


#2 Button Up Shirts

Frank & Eileen Joedy | Aritzia Effortless trouser | Louboutin slingback | Bottega bag | Watch

A relaxed, button up shirt is another key piece every wardrobe needs. Look for a gently oversized style that’s not too pressed. Then, fold the sleeves up and pair it with trousers or denim. The Frank & Eileen Joedy is the one I share all the time. I just added this light blue one, but for the past several years, the white version has been my go to … all year long! For reference, I wear my usual size XS and it’s perfect.


#3 Trench coats

Trench coat, new colors here and here | Halogen tank | Jeans | Dior tote

Who doesn’t love a classic trench coat you can wear almost all year long? Try it over your favorite dress, or on casual days with a hoodie and sweatpants. It always looks chic! Right now, there are many I recommend, including this cool hooded style, this shorter one and this pretty blue one.


#4 Classic blazers

Rag & Bone Slade blazer | CoH Isabel tank | Sweater over shoulders | Mother Hustler jeans | Schutz sandal | Bottega bag

#5 Sneakers

Zella jacket | lululemon leggings | Veja V-10 sneakers | YSL tote | Luggage

Simple white sneakers like Adidas Sambas or those by Veja will always be in style. Nowadays, you can wear them with literally everything in your closet, from dresses and skirts to trousers and jeans. See below for my favorites!


#6 Lightweight puffer jackets

Moncler puffer | ATM Schoolboy crew | Mother Dazzler | Adidas Samba | Gucci bucket bag | YSL tote | Luggage

I’ve taken this Moncler jacket on every trip, no matter the weather, for the last several years. I don’t see this style of jacket ever going out of style, which makes it a really great investment. For an affordable version, look at this one.


#7 Timeless handbags

Frame ruched dress | Cardigan over shoulders | Schutz sandals | Lady Dior bag | Necklaces

Choosing to invest in a classic bag is truly worthwhile. You’ll wear it for years to come, and it completes every single outfit! I have a couple of handbags that I’ve worn for over 3 years, and I never regret having bought them. Start with one 😉


#8 Basic white t-shirt

ATM Schoolboy crew | Spanx AirEssentials pant and crew | Sandals | Tote

A simple white T-shirt is a wardrobe basic, and they’re so easy to style! The ATM Schoolboy crew is my all-time favorite. Wear it alone, or pair it with everything from a blazer to skirts to denim shorts. I find it runs true to size, and it’s on sale at Saks right now. Classic and easy.


Thank you for reading xx