22 February 2024

Here’s A Packing Tip That Works For Every Trip

Packing tip: Moncler jacket | Mother Dazzler jeans | Sambas | Monos luggage | YSL tote | ATM tee | Gucci bag

Here’s a Packing Tip That Works For Every Trip

I am by no means a packing expert, but last year I discovered a really easy way to pack efficiently. I’ve done a lot of traveling over the years, including many overseas flights, and I think I’ve finally figured it out! A few days ago, I arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico for a fun work week with my Wacoal friends. The purpose of the trip is to learn more about new products and meet new friends. We’ll be having many discussions during the activity-packed week, along with an in-person bra fitting, and lots of trying things on so I can make the very best recommendations for you!

There are many cool events planned … everything from zip lining to a mixology class to spa treatments and even a late night slumber party! You can follow along on my Instagram here where I’ve been sharing all the excitement, along with my daily outfits. I shared many pieces on last week’s Instagram Live, which you can watch here in case you missed it. I’m navigating all of this just like you are, and at the end of the day, any vacation — no matter where you’re going — is a joy in life!

Today’s post is about the packing tip that works for every single trip. Here’s the pro tip: lay out your clothes by activity! This is the easiest way to make sure you have everything you need, and it also helps you make outfits as you pack. Items I take on every single trip include these favorite lululemon leggings, this Beis Weekender bag and this black scarf. These are all travel basics that I highly recommend for everyone. Keep reading to get more tips and ideas, and to see a little outfit inspo. Happy travels!


The Very Best Travel Day Outfit

White Frank & Eileen shirt | Blue sweater | Dior tote | Baseball hat | CoH Isola jeans | Jewelry case | Valentino sandals | Moncler puffer | Frame t-shirt | Beis Weekender | IFly luggage

For shorter airplane trips: I often wear jeans on shorter trips. On this one (from Miami to San Juan), I wore this exact outfit (above). I’m glad it was several layers! The airplane was freezing, and the Moncler puffer was perfect. Once I arrived I started removing layers, and by the end I was in the white tank with the blue sweater over my shoulders and these super soft jeans. I’m always looking for good luggage, and when I received this new IFLY luggage thanks to my friends at Wacoal, it was just the color I’ve been looking for. Talk about easy to spot in baggage claim! See more travel posts here


7 Days Of Outfits

Top row: Farm Rio dress | Black Rails dress | Soft trench coat | Red dress | White shirt dress | Farm Rio dress | Denim skirt | Denim jacket

Shoes/Accessories: Hat | White sandal | Black sandal | Valentino sandal | Bracelet | Sunglasses | Dior tote | Basket bag

Bottom row: Printed coverup | White swimsuit | Red swimsuit


What I Packed: Dinners out


Left: Soft trench | Wacoal bodysuit | Rails dress | Byredo perfume | Sandals | Bag | Right: Farm Rio dress | Leather jacket | Sandals | Heart bag | Softly Styled Bra

Here’s where I needed some options. I packed the Norma Kamali strapless dress, this $69 English Factory one and this Ulla Johnson one. And, I ended up wearing all of them! Luckily, dresses are really easy to pack. I didn’t bring the leather jacket shown above, but it’s great option for cooler weather.


What I Packed: Daytime Lunches


Left: Red Farm Rio dress | Swimsuit | Gucci bag | YSL sandals | Vacation perfume | Hat | Right: Denim jacket | Farm Rio dress | YSL sandals | Earrings | Bag

In warmer weather, dresses always work for daytime. Look for comfortable, easy ones like these two above. They both work with all-white sneakers like these, or any neutral sandal. Packing tip: keeping a denim jacket on hand makes it easy to create many other outfits. Some additional options I brought include this Frank & Eileen shirt dress and this denim skirt.


What I Packed: For the Pool


Left: J.Crew coverup | Red swimsuit | Poolside bag | Prada wedge sandals | Sunglasses | Right: Printed coverup | White swimsuit | Pearl trim bag | Sandals | Sunglasses

Since four nights in San Juan was on the itinerary, having several cute swimsuits/coverups was key. I packed the J.Crew shirt coverup that I’ve worn non-stop for several years. If you don’t own this coverup, I highly recommend it. It works with every swimsuit! I purchased this best-selling white La Blanca that I wore with this blue LSpace dress coverup. You might want to wear a little jewelry as well, and this pretty bracelet is perfect for daytime and evening. Finally, a packable straw hat, beach sandals and a great tote are all the finishing touches you need.


What I packed: Zip Lining and Coffee Runs


Left: Bomber jacket | Frame tee | Align flare pants | Hat | Sneakers | Bag | Sunglasses  Right: Crew | Tank | Skirt | Hat | Sneakers | Sunglasses | Water bottle

Believe it or not, I actually went zip lining! I didn’t really want to go, but decided at the last minute it looked doable. I’m glad I went, but there’s no need to go again 😉 I learned that wearing a tennis skirt probably wasn’t the best choice – hah! But, I wore the other outfit twice, and the Vince bomber jacket is coming in handy. I wore it in Miami with the Align Flare Pants for a shopping day. Then, I wore it again over the Norma Kamali strapless dress. Both outfits are essential to have while traveling!


What I Packed: Intimates

Body Base Short | Wireless Strapless Bra | Pink Bra | Pink Panty | Natori Bliss thongs | Red Carpet Bodysuit | Softly Styled Bras

Tonight is our last night, and Wacoal gave us all these cute pj’s with our names monogrammed on them. So fun! We’re winding the trip down by spending time together in a suite and sharing stories and bonding. It has been a really fun week; I enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and of course, making new ones!

Here’s my Bra Capsule bra by Wacoal (of course!): Love this Softly Styled bra — I wear it most days. This Red Carpet Strapless Bra is a stylist favorite, and same with the Body Base Short — it’s perfect for smoothing and you can wear it under dresses. If you want something a little “extra,” this new pink lace bra is perfect if you need/want a little lift. These are all amazing, comfy, and versatile too.


Thank you for reading xx