28 April 2019

Have you tried these?

Carrie Minns Photography

One of the exciting perks of being a Personal Stylist by day, Blogger by night is that I make some pretty cool discoveries. I call it blog research, but my husband calls it “a good excuse” 🙂  However you define it, it’s what I do for a living. And I love it!

Awhile back, I listened to an inspiring podcast on NPR’s How I Built This with Emily Weiss, founder of Glossier. One thing that really resonated with me is that when she first heard about this incredible self tanner, and tried it out, it was just soooo good she felt it was her “civic duty to share.”

That’s exactly how I feel. It’s my civic duty to share all these wonderful things with you!

So, here are ten random things I’ve been loving recently, and they’re just too good not to share.  You might already know this, but I only write about products either I have tried or my trusted friends and clients have tried. I’ve bought all of these products myself. No gifts. If you want something I’ve selected, it would mean the world to me if you would shop directly from the blog. Just click the link! Your support is what keeps this whole thing going. Thank you.


#1 OPI Funny Bunny

I love this white color so much, and recently have been applying it on both fingers and toes. I always get favorable comments. It’s especially good for spring and summer.  Tip:  three THIN coats.


#2 Levi’s wedgie icon jean

Again I’m late to the party (see Kris I don’t know everything)!! Not only are these jeans under $100, (currently they’re being price matched) and the otm favorite of every stylish person on the planet, they make every outfit feel updated.  Tip:  The icon has a slimmer fit, and all washes run differently in size.


#3  Valentino flip flop

I know I’m getting annoying because I’ve been talking about these a lot 😂! But I’ve literally worn them every day … to the grocery store, the bus stop, to work for change of shoes, and so on. A splurge? Yes, but worth every penny. I wrote about them here, here and here.


#4 Byredo Bibliotheque candle

Are you ever so excited to get a package in the mail that you basically wait around for it all day?  I should have bought this candle months ago (I wrote about it here). Instead, I purchased Byredo Burning Rose, and while I like it, it’s not a love. I made myself hold off on getting Byredo Bibliotheque until the rose one was finished, but I shouldn’t have. I absolutely love the smell! And the jar! Obsessed.


#5 Pottery Barn candles

I know I wrote about these here … but it’s pretty incredible to get the look of a real candle with a remote!  Sounds strange, and I didn’t believe it either, but these faux candles look so pretty that you can’t tell the difference between them and the real ones.  Tip:  they’re especially handy for hard to reach places.


#6 Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Cologne

For three days in a row I sprayed myself with a tester before deciding it’s a winner. And apparently lots of other people love it too.  It’s so fun to add to your fragrance collection! This delicious perfume has the scent of rose, jasmine and gillyflower. It’s described as “luxurious and seductive” – enough said.


#7 Natori Bliss Perfection thong

I’ve worn Hanky Panky lingerie for years, and it’s hard for me to branch out when I love something so much. But, at the suggestion of my co-worker who nudged me to try these thongs, I’m quite pleased I did. They are incredibly comfy and come in many colors. I’m going to buy more!


#8 Kopari Coconut Melt

I was willing to try it because I love the deodorant so much (I wrote about it here).  And I can see why it has 751 reviews!! This is the most delicious coconut oil EVER.  Tip: use on your cuticles, in your hair, on your skin post-shower, elbows — everywhere.


#9 Olas Mouth Rinse

Awhile back I decided to go the natural route and purchased a charcoal toothbrush, David’s natural toothpaste and a natural dental floss, all from the goop website. The charcoal toothbrush is now in the garbage after tearing up my gums, but this mouthwash is so good! I love that it uses clean ingredients and, even better, it tastes so amazing!


#10 Natori Flora bra

I like pretty bras. A lot. And sometimes the nude basics are just boring! I’ve been wearing this one on repeat, and it’s time to get another.  Tip:  Buy both a nude and a black.

Thank you for reading xo