2 April 2019

Top ten: Buy these best sellers now!

AllSaints sweatshirt | Gucci Mini Marmont bag | CALPAK suitcase | Valentino sandals | Mother denim

My recent favorite purchases are just too good not to share.  These are “worn on repeat” items and I love them so much! And aren’t we proud when we make good purchasing decisions? 😉  I mean, I make mistakes too … but not this time!

So here are the top pieces you must have right now, from random categories, in no particular order.  Just click to buy!


AllSaints sweatshirt

I wore this as my travel outfit to Hawaii, there AND back.  And one cooler evening in Hawaii, and last night while making spaghetti.  Sadly a few tomato splatters landed on my fave new sweatshirt — but I’ll wash them out and keep on wearing it!


Gucci Mini Marmont

I’ve been making fun of those tiny little bags seen all over my Pinterest feed, and wondering to myself:  who would purchase such a tiny bag? Well, I did! It was an unplanned purchase, but after my dear friend in the Gucci boutique told me how much she loved hers, and how it can even be turned into a belt bag, well … sold.  And just to be sure, I watched a YouTube review and was surprised at how much actually fit in this tiny little bag. I’ve worn it over and over and over!


Brixton hat

For anyone who follows me on Instagram or watched my stories, you know that I basically wore this hat for 8+ hours EVERY DAY while on vacay!  Because my hair is so crazy curly, it’s the only solution. Perhaps I need another hat option?


Valentino flip flops

Truth is, I’ve wanted these for awhile.  And I’ve sold them, a lot of them. Finally I splurged and couldn’t be happier!  I wore them all day back in Portland and every day while on vacation. They will be a summer staple.  Trust me on these.


mother t-shirt

I can’t take credit for finding this, my friend Francine did.  See, I also swipe good ideas when I see them! It’s the perfect casual summer tee to go with white denim, and I’m sure I’ll find a way to incorporate it into a few more outfits.


Monica vinader bracelet

This is probably my all time favorite bracelet.  It looks great with the pink AllSaints sweatshirt, and it’s so so pretty.  I’m now on the lookout to find a couple of other bracelets to compliment this new one.  But stacked or as a stand-alone, it’s perfect.


Kopari natural deodorant

I’ve literally been searching for a good all natural deod for AT LEAST 5 years.  I won’t tell you all the disasters I’ve suffered (including dripping one summer 90 degree day, I’m serious).  Thanks to the travel minis now available (I wrote about them here), I was able to try Kopari and wow, do I love it!!  It gets incredible ratings and smells so good, which is an added bonus. Try it!


Amorepacific cushion compact

This is my first time using this brand, and apparently I’m a little late to it because everyone I tell RAVES about it.  Recently my friend and beauty expert Ashley sat me down and patted my face with this smell good, glowy foundation, with an SPF 50 no less.  I couldn’t believe how good I looked! 😊


J.Crew coverup

This pretty, eyelet cover up paired perfectly with every swimsuit I brought on vacation. If it wasn’t so see through, I’d probably wear it as a dress!  Flattering and comfy, this will be the only cover up I need.


7 for all mankind denim

I’ve been wanting a lighter pair of no rip skinny jeans for awhile now.  Often I’ve found that the lighter wash isn’t that flattering … but not so on these.  I’ve worn them at least ten times, and I’ve only had them for a couple of weeks! That’s good sign.

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