3 September 2018

That perfume everywhere

The love affair with Le Labo continues! Last week, I found myself in the ultra cool Filson store in the Pearl here in Portland.  As I walked through the beautiful glass doors, the scent was immediately recognizable: my favorite Santal 26 candle … or so I thought. Much to my surprise, I was wrong!  It was Le Labo, but instead it was “Cade 26,” a close cousin of Santal 26, except “smokier, deeper and more baroque.”  This enchanting candle, available exclusively at the Le Labo boutique stores, was originally created for the Gramercy Hotel in NYC.

Santal 33 has been my go-to, every-day fragrance for the last few years.  Ever since I read the New York Times article about “that perfume you smell everywhere,” I was intrigued.

That said, I’m always on the hunt for my next new favorite fragrance — and Byredo is on my radar. The Burning Rose Candle is in my shopping bag, as is the Bibliotheque hand cream (thanks to the cute Aussie behind the fragrance counter in Seattle, wink).  He kindly listened to my top all time favorites (Creed, Royal Princess Oud, Flowerbomb, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle) and within seconds presented me with three testers of Bibliotheque which I immediately spritzed all over myself, showing no restraint whatsoever. On the ride home, the Uber driver asked what I was wearing and told me several times how good it smelled, which is a great first start.

In the meantime, I’m dousing myself with the Santal 33 lotion and spray perfume, and I always keep the oil rollerball in my bag for touch ups.  I’m also heavily protecting my little bottle of Santal 33 so it doesn’t “accidentally” end up in my daughter’s back-to-college suitcase!

Le Labo Santal 33



All-time favorite candles



**Secret tip to try a new fragrance **

Buy a candle or lotion (or even a small hand cream) and test the fragrance before investing in a full size bottle!

Photo credit: Carrie Minns Photography

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