4 February 2024

The season’s must-have jeans … and how to wear them

Must-have jeans: Mango wrap coat | AGOLDE Riley jeans | Slingbacks, similar | Dior tote | Frank & Eileen Joedy shirt

The season’s must-have jeans … and how to wear them

A while back, a good friend who works at Nordstrom texted me and said, “Suse, the Mother Denim rep is here and he’s so nice, you need to meet him!” Sadly, I missed him that day, but since then we’ve been in touch, and I appreciate all the information he’s given me. I share this story because product knowledge is very important, and it’s the number one reason I travel for “trend shopping.” For example, I was recently at the Frame store on Melrose Avenue. I was lucky enough to visit with Nicole, the General Manager, who gave me the inside scoop on Frame Denim — which gets passed on directly to you!

So … as I always say: every good outfit begins with a great pair of jeans. This is why it’s SO important to make sure you have several well-fitting, current styles. I realize buying jeans can be tricky, and even more so online. It’s actually the number one topic I’m asked about here on So Susie! Questions range from “I can’t find a pair I like” to “I can’t wear high-waisted jeans” to “what’s the correct length?” … and so on. My Nordstrom co-workers and I used to joke that it was as bad as trying on swimsuits!! Yes, it can definitely be challenging.

Keep reading to find out a pro-tip that works every time, which jeans are trending for spring, and a few denim mistakes you might be making … but don’t need to. Styles include everything from white and écru denim to flattering wide-leg options to the number one selling style: a slim straight leg. There’s also a bit at the end about skinnies … who knew they were such a divisive topic! I hope you find this denim guide useful and informative. 💙


Style board inspo

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I love these new cuffed AGOLDE jeans, and how chic with this clutch and this top

A faux leather blazer is always in style and I love this one

Beautfiul accessories like this Bottega bag, this gold clutch and these Gucci sandals are the details that really count


Denim mistakes you might be making … but don’t need to 😉

Image: me

#1 – Washing them to “shrink” them back to the right size. I often hear this, and the first thing I automatically think is that the size was wrong to begin with.

#2 – Not getting alterations. Nordstrom alters hundreds of jeans every single day, and there was rarely a customer I helped for whom we didn’t call a tailor. This is the biggest key to making sure your jeans fit properly. I wouldn’t let my clients leave the dressing room without getting alterations! 😉

#3 – Putting them in the dryer. This is a big no-no!! Of all the mistakes you could make, don’t make this one — just let your jeans air dry! The heat breaks down the fibers (assuming there’s stretch in the fabric), and over time you’ll get puckering. I recommend washing them inside out, then laying them flat to dry. (There’s one exception, and that’s white denim.)

#4 – Not purchasing the correct size. Typically, I see jeans that are too big because they’re stretched out. Of course, it depends on the stretch in the fabric, but in the dressing room, we always explained that jeans stretch out about 1/2 size. I would always say purchase them tight, but not too tight!

#5 – Washing too frequently. Only wash your denim when you must. This is according to every premium denim brand out there. Many mistakes are made here, and I always tell my clients to try and NOT wash your jeans. One sales rep years ago suggested just airing them out if they need a little freshening up!


Which ones to buy: The pro-tip you’ll want to know

So … what’s the pro-tip? Stick to the top sellers! If you stick to top sellers, then you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a pair. Why? Because the top sellers fit most everyone well, they’re on trend, and they get great reviews. And, denim brands do a lot of research and design their jeans accordingly.


Straight leg jeans are the #1 style to own


Left: Juliette cardigan | Mother Dazzler | Right: Veronica Beard top | Levi’s Wedgie Straight

Hands down, these fit almost everyone! Try a slim straight leg style, it’s the next step up from a skinny. According to Ohi, the Mother Denim Rep, the fit on their best-selling denim is exactly the same from the waist to the knee. The only difference is the slightly wider leg opening. Curious about which shoes to wear? Wear everything!! Sneakers, boots, strappy sandals, flat sandals, sneakers … the list is endless because they all work.

The best fits & size details:

AGOLDE Riley — Front rise: 10 1/2″ | Inseam 25″ | Leg Opening: 13″

Paige Cindy — Front rise: 10 1/2″ | Inseam 28″ | Leg Opening: 14 1/4″

AG Mari — Front rise: 10 1/2″ | Inseam: 26″ | Leg Opening: 14″

Mother Mid-Rise Dazzler — Front rise: 9 3/4″ | Inseam: 27 1/2″ | Leg Opening: 13″

Citizens of Humanity Isola — Front rise: 10 3/4″ | Inseam: 26 1/2″ | Leg Opening: 12 3/4″


Cuffed denim is everywhere, and here are the styles I love


Long length jeans should be in everyone’s closets!


Left: Anine Bing utility jacket | Paige Laurel Canyon flare jeans | Right: Cinq A Sept Holly jacket | Frame Le High Flare jeans

If I had to pick one long length jean that works for almost everyone, it would be either the Rag & Bone Peyton, the Frame Le High Flare or the Mother Weekender. No mistakes here — I confirmed during my Nordstrom in-store visits: this is what’s selling. Of course, there are looser styles out there, but these are the ones I find easiest for most people to wear. Also, they’re very flattering, and a nice switch-up from everything else!

The best fits & size details:

Mother Weekender – Rise: 9 1/2″ | Inseam: 31″ | Leg opening: 19 1/2″

Frame Le High Flare – Rise: 10″ | Inseam: 34.5″ | Leg opening: 22″

Rag & Bone Peyton — Rise: 10 ″ rise | Inseam: 34.5″ | Leg opening: 22″

Paige Genevieve – Rise: 10″ | Inseam: 32″ | Leg opening: 24″


Cropped ankle jeans are perfect for spring


Left: Rails Arlo eyelet top | Mother Hustler | Right: J.Crew blazer | | Mother Insider jeans

The number one selling jeans at Frame are the Mini Boot styles that come in two lengths: ankle and full. They’re flattering on everyone, and they aren’t quite as high rise as the Mother Hustlers. The difference between the Mother Hustlers and Insiders is the rise and the leg opening. Not photographed are the newer Paige Claudines, which I love and just purchased a second pair this week in a faded blue color.

The best fits & size details:

Mother Hustler — Front rise: 11″ | Inseam: 27 1/2″ | Leg opening: 16″

Mother Insider — Front rise: 10″ | Inseam: 26″ | Leg opening: 15″

Paige Claudine — Front rise: 11 1/2″ | Inseam: 28″ | Leg opening: 17″

AG Farrah — Front rise: 10 1/2″ | Inseam: 27″ | Leg opening: 18″

Frame Le Mini Crop — Front rise: 10″ | Inseam: 26.5″ | Leg opening: 17.5″


What’s trending for spring? Wide-leg jeans and looser styles


Left: Paige Annessa | Chloe tote | Right: White jeans, similar here

This is the perfect style to add as we move into spring. They are definitely a little fashion forward, and not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a fun update, try a pair!

The best fits & size details:

Paige Sasha — Front rise: 12″ | Inseam: 32″ | Leg Opening: 22″

Rag & Bone Logan — Front rise: 12 1/2″ | Inseam: 32″ | Leg Opening: 20″

Mother Hustler Roller — Front rise: 11″ | Inseam: 32″ | Leg Opening: 24 1/2″

Frame Le Slim Palazzo — Front rise: 9 3/4″ | Inseam: 27 1/2″ | Leg Opening: 13″


And now, the burning question: are skinnies still in style?

Who knew skinny jeans could be so divisive! I didn’t — until I posted this on Instagram last year, and wow did a load of comments roll in (and many were not that nice 😔). Oh well, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I support everyone wearing whatever they want 🤍 However, if you met me in a dressing room right now, I’d nudge you towards a slim, straight leg jean. Why? Because they’re flattering, stylish, and easy to wear. I haven’t purchased a skinny in over three years, though from time to time I’ll wear mine with an oversized shirt and sneaker. To read more, check out this Who What Wear post, it may shed some light on the subject! 😘


Thank you for reading xx

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