16 January 2022

How to pack perfectly for your next trip!

Anine Bing jacket | Graphic tee | Levi’s | Sneakers | Silver carry-on | Weekender bag | Sunnies

How to pack perfectly for your next trip!

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Let me start out by saying I’m not an expert packer (!!) but for some reason, when it comes to sharing packing ideas, I act like I am! 😂 Last fall, I helped two different clients pack for trips. Ironically, both were going to London, both only wanted to take a carry-on, and both were going to nice dinners … lucky them! After a few back and forth exchanges, we landed on some key pieces. I’ll cover them below, as many of you likely have them in your own closets.

So, what’s the trick for perfect packing?

Stick to one color theme, and choose versatile pieces. Trust me, it’s much easier to help someone else rather than pack for myself, but I think I’ve got it down … and I’m so excited to share my tips with you!

Today’s post is about NOT overpacking (hah!), which is tricky for most of us and always leads to eye-rolling when we get to our destination and realize we’ve crammed WAY too much into the suitcase 🙄 Also, I’m sharing my new travel outfit, a style board around a theme color, and the new weekender bag I absolutely love! I hope you find a little inspo for your next trip. Happy travels!

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New travel gear

and some amazingly reliable go-to’s

Having a go-to bag that’s easy to spot in baggage claim is huge! However, I will admit, it gets a little tricky when someone else has the same bag — which happened on my last trip, and believe it or not, I had the nerve to ask the person if it had their name on it — nicely of course! Thankfully, that doesn’t happen very often. These 5 items above will be coming with me on every trip this year, and here’s why:

Weekender bag. I carried this new bag on and claimed it as my “handbag.” It worked! By packing cosmetics and a pair of shoes in the lowest zipper part, I was able to get all my computer gear and quite a few other things in the top part, and there was enough room left to squish it under the seat. The best part is the ability to slip it over the carry-on handle as I did in the above photo. I highly, highly recommend this bag! Monos luggage. First of all, the silver color looks good with any travel outfit, AND it’s easy to find in baggage claim. This compact suitcase fit nicely in the overhead compartment, and it’s light and zipperless. I thought about this Rimowa one, which I still love, but couldn’t part with that much money. I also ordered this one by Paravel which I was excited to use, except it didn’t arrive in time. It actually all worked out because I LOVE the Monos one!

Cosmetic case. I used this case from Amazon for every trip last year. While the hanging feature is very handy, being able to see everything you’ve brought is also a bonus. It zips up nicely, and it’s super soft so it’s easy to pack.

Black scarf. I’ve gone on and on about this scarf, but I’m not joking — it has gone on every single trip with me for at least 5 years. IN fact, just yesterday I wore it on the plane wrapped around my neck. It’s perfect for extra warmth, and then when I was too warm, I draped it over my legs and it felt nice and cozy. Most importantly, it looks good — and it elevates every single outfit you wear. It’s truly the perfect scarf that everyone needs!

Packing cubes (not pictured). I love love love these packing cubes, and have found them to be life-changing when it comes to packing. Sounds a little dramatic I know, but it’s true. It’s another packing necessity that everyone in the family needs!


Travel day

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12


Essential pieces

… plus a few more good ones!




Jeans: Black, white and denim

Jackets: Leather, blazer, utility jacket, denim jacket and cardigan (love this one)

Shoes: Flats, Sneakers and sandals for dressing up

Accessories: Black scarf, crossbody bag and tote

Tops: Silk cami — takes no room, white t-shirt, two blouses, thin cashmere tee like this


Utility jacket day & night

This utility jacket just arrived, and I don’t know why I waited so long to purchase it! (I got the XS.) You can wear this jacket day or night, casual or elevated, on travel day or during the trip. It’s incredibly versatile, and it’s a piece that completes many outfits. Pack it for every trip.



Left: Utility jacket | White shirt (favorite) | Denim | Tote | Bracelet | Lipgloss | Sandals | Sunnies | Right: Utility jacket | Tank | Trousers | Sandals | YSL bag | Earrings


Blazer day & night

I just picked up this dark navy tweed blazer by L’Agence. I’m pairing it with white denim or this long flare pant, but it also works perfectly with a white tee and jeans. And, it runs a little small, I purchased the size 4.



Left: Blazer | Paris tee | Mother denim | Pink bag | Sneakers | Sunnies | Ritz bb hat | Right: Blazer | Cami | YSL bag | Sunnies | Sandals | Denim | Earrings


J.Crew cardigan day & night


Left: J.Crew cardigan | Tank | Chloe tote | Sandals | Hoop earrings | Right: J.Crew cardigan | Tank | YSL bag | Sunglasses | $39 necklace | Sandals | Flare pants


Disclaimer: I’m not suggesting you can pack this all in one carry-on 😀

Thank you for reading! xx