15 November 2021

How to Style Sneakers

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How to Style Sneakers

Whether you’re working out, running errands or taking your daily stroll around the neighborhood, sneakers are the perfect way to feel comfortable and stylish while you’re out and about. Not to mention, I know we’re all tired of wearing slippers and sweatpants everyday for the last 9 months, so why not spice up your day with a fresh pair of sneakers.


Sweatpants | Sneakers | Faux Fur Rug


Here’s are three style boards I created for styling sneakers. One for when you’re chillin at home or taking out the trash. Another for when you’re tired of wearing sweatpants and finally ready to throw some jeans on. Take a walk around the neighborhood and show your neighbors what you actually look like when you try haha ;). Lastly, I had to include a style board for when you’re working out, whether thats in your backyard or your ice cold garage:


Comfy & Casual

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In terms of fashion, 2020 is the year of sweatsuits. These matching sweatpants and sweatshirt by Chillhouse are so cute. I sized up in the sweatpants and they are so cozy. Not to mention, both the sweatshirt and sweatpants are unisex, so they work for anyone!

I have talked about this pendant necklace before and I am seriously obsessed with it! I wear it everyday and my mom has the same one! It’s also a perfect gift to give someone and make them feel extra special with a custom monogram gift.

Lastly, these Nike Jordan 1 Sneakers are so cute and I keep seeing them everywhere on Instagram! I wear a kids size 7Y, which are cheaper than the adult sizes. I also use the SNKRS app to stay up to date with the latest sneaker drops from Nike.


Stylish Streetwear

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You can never go wrong with a fresh pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. Every family member of mine has a pair of these except for my mom. These sneakers go with everything and they are an absolute classic that I believe will never go out of style.

I love vinyl everything, including this cute trench coat and stylish bucket hat!

I have been obsessed with this long sleeve top by Marine Serre and it comes in 2 other colors, which are all so cute!

When it comes to accessories, a classic pair of black sunglasses and diamond earrings can bring a whole look together! These affordable sunglasses are from Urban Outfitters, which is having a sale right now (15% off 1 item, 20% off 2 items, & 25% off 3 items).


Workout Wear

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When I say these are the best leggings I have ever owned, I am not exaggerating. These Nike running tights are sweat proof, not see through, and hide my cellulite. Not to mention they are made of a unique material that sucks everything in and shapes my body better than any leggings I’ve tried.

Ever since my dad gifted me an Apple Watch, I have not been able to live without it. The Apple Watch tracks a variety of health metrics such as calories burned, hours standing, workouts, and a lot more. I’m not going to lie, wearing the watch holds me accountable to work out even when I’m feeling lazy. Plus it’s incredibly motivating to see my progress overtime. 10/10 recommend gifting this for someone who loves working out!

Lastly, I wear these Adidas NMD sneakers everyday for work and they are SO comfortable. The knit fabric makes them super breathable and feels like I’m just wearing socks.


Beanie | Sweatshirt, similar | Sweatpants | Sneakers | Phone Case | Faux Fur Rug

Stay safe & cozy 🙂

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