14 November 2021

Valentine’s Day At Home

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Valentine’s Day At Home

This year I’m having a cozy Valentine’s Day at home with me, myself, and a glass of wine. Every year my mom gets my brothers and I a small Valentine’s Day present just for fun and it always makes the day feel a little more special. For Valentine’s Day this year, I found some perfect cozy gifts for staying at home or splurging someone special!



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I was shopping on Nordstrom the other day and found the cutest brand called Beach Riot, who has the cutest pajama and workout sets, just like this cozy heart sweater one! Click here to shop more of their sets!

If you’re in the mood to splurge, this Saint Laurent handbag and mini wallet are the perfect gift for that someone special. The nude color and gold detailing makes this handbag and mini wallet the perfect accessory to complete any outfit.

How cute is this pink lace bra and panties for Valentine’s Day! This feathers bra by Natori is highly rated and who doesn’t want to feel sexy under a cute outfit, especially for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re anything like me, I love finding a good designer dupe. This beige Hermès dupe blanket is so cute and looks very similar to the real one. My mom bought the same one in blue and I’m always stealing it from our family room.

For Christmas this year, I mentioned this mini fridge for storing all your beauty products and the next day it sold out! Plus, the light pink color is too cute to pass up, and adds the perfect detail to your glam room.


Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful people ♥️


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