15 November 2021

Top Picks from Amazon

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Top Picks from Amazon

There are so many good deals on Amazon, plus it’s one of the best places to find designer dupes. I rounded up some of my favorite beige and beachy picks from Amazon. Not to mention, almost everything I found is under $100!


Inspiration in Beige

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As I mentioned in my last blog post, Amazon is the best place to find bikinis and sunglasses! I love these gold detailed aviator sunglasses and this nude two-piece swimsuit, that would pair perfectly together.

Every hair stylist I’ve ever been to swears by OLAPLEX No.3 Repairing Treatment. This repair treatment is suppose to help prevent and repair damaged hair due to bleaching or dying. I noticed my mom just got this repairing treatment, so I will definitely be stealing this to test it out.

Amazon also has great home decor finds, such as this cute concrete table lamp and this beige textured coffee table book. Plus, the only thing over $100 on this board is this stunning ivory and gold detailed chair.


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