15 November 2021

8 Essentials to Take on Vacation

Gucci Handbag | Denim Shorts | Bikini Top | Fedora


8 Essentials to Take on Vacation

Ok seriously who doesn’t love warm weather, a nice ocean breeze, and that sunburn you got on day two, now turning into a tan. Now that some restrictions are starting to get lifted, it might be time to consider going on a vacation.. I know I am! I came up with 8 vacations essentials that I would not be able to leave home without.


Vacation Inspiration

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If you need a new bikini, the first place to look is on Amazon. I just ordered this orange bikini and it is the perfect color for summer, it’s adjustable, and you can wear it as a bandeau or use one of the strings to tie around your neck for more support. There are a bunch of different colors to choose from too.

I have been obsessing over bucket hats and I think my next purchase is going to be this affordable cream bucket hat from Madewell.

How cute is this fringe umbrella by Serena & Lily! Perfect for a nice beach picnic or a little extra shade on a hot day.


#1 Swimwear


#2 Cover-Ups


#3 Sandals


#4 Sunglasses


#5 Handbags


#6 Accessories


#7 Jewelry


#8 SPF


Happy vacationing and safe travels! 🙂

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