5 February 2020

What it’s really like to be a blogger!

Madewell denim jacket| ATM tee | Vuori joggers | Veja sneakers | Poppy Finch necklace


What it’s really like to be a blogger!

Recently, someone said to me, “I’m amazed by all the photography on your website – that must take forever – all your gorgeous makeup, great lighting, looking perfect, changing outfits, holy crap!”  Well, that was SO NICE!!!

The truth is, there are a few dedicated and extremely talented people behind the scenes helping me build this little business. Quite honestly, there would be no So Susie without the writing and editing by my friend Ter, and the stunningly beautiful photography by Carrie Minns. And of course, the incredible website design thanks to Aaron and the Smash Creative team. Oh and one last side note … Carrie does not follow me around  – she has way better things to do 😂 We get a lot of photos from one shoot every other month or so!  So there you have it, a little back story on what goes into the making of So Susie.

Now to the good stuff!  It has been a busy few weeks around here, so in case you missed something, here are some of our favorite posts!


#1 Pants so comfy, you’ll wear them 24/7

Corvallis Oregon mural

Black jacket | sunnies | Cashmere sweater | Joggers | sneakers

If you haven’t bought these yet, I’m going to kindly suggest you do, because I’m 99.9% sure you’ll love them. The other day someone said, “I already have workout pants.” That’s great, but that’s not what these are for! Yes, they’re made from performance fabric, and yes they are sold in the active department. And likely the Vuori brand would tell me I’m wrong, you probably can work out in them 😂 These joggers are great because you can style them several ways and look like a cool girl out and about running errands or hanging with friends.  Read the post here.


#2 Hands down the best items of 2019

Personal stylist, Portland, Oregon

Levi’s Icon Wedgie jean

I try REALLY, REALLY hard to make careful, thoughtful purchases. Since I’m in the business, and everyday there’s something new, it’s very important to be selective. It’s called editing, and it’s quite difficult at times! This is the “downside of being a personal stylist” (I wrote about it here). But it’s worth it, and I’m sharing with you the best purchases of 2019 that I know you’ll love as well. I’m constantly telling all of you to buy this and buy that, and so when I say “trust me” or “this is so good,” I really mean it! My promise on this blogging journey is to always be genuine and authentic. See the best purchases of 2019 here!


#3 Are you making this mistake with your closet?

Carrie Minns Photography | Gucci denim jacket


ESSENTIALS:  The key pieces everyone needs to have in their closet in order to put together solid, event-appropriate, feel-good outfits … every day. Find out what the essentials are here!



#4 “Room 3 Report”

Blank NYC blazer | Mother denim | Prada pumps – similar | The Daily Edited phone case


With brand new merchandise rolling in daily, there’s a lot to cover. If you ever have any questions about sizing, fit, color or anything else, please contact me — I’m always happy to help. Read the “Room 3 Report” here!



#5 Hands down, the 10 best beauty items of the year


You all loved my 10 best fashion purchases this year … so here are my top ten beauty purchases of the year, with a little home décor thrown in. You’ll want to try some of these, they’re the very best! Read the post here!


Thank you for reading! xo