17 January 2020

Room 3 Report: This just in! 🙌

Blank NYC blazer | Mother denim | Prada pumps – similar | The Daily Edited phone case


Welcome to another Room 3 Report: This just in!

In case you missed this popular post from a few months ago, I thought I’d revisit it this week. My work office, or “Room 3,” is actually a dressing room where I meet my clients and friends to help them figure out what clothes to buy and how to wear them. Over the years in Room 3, there have been hundreds of friendships formed, laughter and tears, secrets told, job changes announced, kid things … oh, and clothes 😊 While the satisfaction of helping you all goes WAY beyond the actual clothes, we do get pretty excited when we find things we love!

Since I try on clothes for a living …

… and take mirror selfies along the way, I thought it would be a good idea to continue sharing my best finds with you. Who would have thought these (mostly) unedited dressing room pics would be so popular? See last month’s here.  Many of you requested another one, so …

Here’s the seventh edition of the Room 3 Report

Today’s Room 3 Report is on everything that just came in!  With brand new merchandise rolling in daily, there’s a lot to cover. If you ever have any questions about sizing, fit, color or anything else, please contact me — I’m always happy to help. And if you enjoy reading this blog, subscribe here and never miss a post!


#1 Lafayette 148 Leather jacket

Lafayette 148 leather jacket | ATM tee | Veronica Beard jeans | Chloe bag | Prada pumps

It’s so exciting this time of year to see new, springy colors! This jacket caught my eye, and although it’s a bit of a splurge, talk about a piece from which you could get loads of wear — and for all seasons. And speaking of green, how fun is this new Chloe bag?


#2 Vince v-neck sweaters

Vince sweater | Mother brand denim | Red pumps

I love a Vince sweater, and this one is SO GOOD! Several years ago, I purchased a Vince sweater just like this in camel … and I’ve worn it over and over and over again. So, imagine my excitement to see it come in again! Find it here and here in a handful of colors, including this color that came in just yesterday. It works now, into spring and again in fall. Buy one, you won’t regret it!


 #3 Veronica Beard blazer

Veronica Beard blazer | ATM tee | Paige denim | Chloe bag | Prada heels

Veronica Beard makes the very best blazer available. Every style comes with a hidden zipper allowing a zip- in dickey, which instantly gives you a completely different look (read more about it here). This one comes with a matching crop pant, and since suiting is super stylish right now, it’s a great option. I tried it on, but since I’m only 5’1, it didn’t photograph well considering I need a 2 inch hem 😂


#4 Chelsea 28 cotton sweater

Chelsea 28 sweater | Mother brand denim | Red heels

I decided to purchase this sweater in black yesterday because, for $89, I know I’ll wear it a lot. For starters, it’s cotton and thin-ish, making it perfect for longer wearing time. It also has side slits, and is a little longer, which is a good choice to wear over real or faux leather leggings — as long as you aren’t too tall! If you see me around Portland today – I’ll be wearing it with jeans and my new favorite sneaker!


#5 New blouses!

Rebecca Taylor blouse | Veronica Beard jeans | Prada heels

Blouses are another item of clothing that are worth the splurge because they really don’t go out of style. This top is great for going out on a Friday night. Try pairing it with white denim and a sandal when our nicer weather arrives!


#6 Veronica Beard blouse

Veronica Beard blouse | Veronica Beard skinny jean | Prada heels

This pretty floral blouse comes with a matching cami. It can be worn alone like above, or under a jacket to get extra mileage! I think this top looks nice with all our denim, from black to blue to white.


#7 Veronica Beard blazer

Red Veronica Beard blazer

Veronica Beard blazer | Paige denim | Grey Dickey | Prada heels

A perfect pop of color, I’m convinced red is a neutral!


#8 My real-life outfit I wore in the store!

J.Cree cashmere sweater

J.Crew sweater | Veronica Beard jeans | Vince Camuto bootie | Not pictured: Madewell denim jacket | Black cashmere scarf

This waffle knit sweater is a winner.  I just purchased it and have already worn it five times! It comes in other colors too, so check it out. These booties are another hot item … actually so is the denim jacket and the lightweight scarf.  All these pieces are worth adding to your closet!


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