16 October 2019

Do you need a daily uniform? Start here

Veronica Beard dickey jacket | Mother brand denim | Givenchy handbag | Gucci sunnies | J.Crew Tippi sweater

A blazer/T-shirt combo (add jeans, black skinnies or even a skirt) is the easiest, throw-together outfit to wear … so easy that you might even consider it to be a daily uniform. This is where the iconic Veronica Beard Dickey jacket comes in. I know, everyone laughs at the idea of a dickey 😂 — but it’s clever! Designed to look layered without being bulky, interchangeable dickeys allow you to completely switch up your look, giving you lots of options. Check out the Veronica Beard website here, there’s loads of inspiration!

Veronica Beard is a brand I’m super proud to support. With all the talk in the fashion industry about diversity, inclusivity, and giving back, this is one company that excels at all three. Earlier this year, they extended their size ranges to include up to size 24, which is applaudable. And recently, they showed three generations of women wearing the SAME jacket in their #copycat campaign. Watch it here, it’s fantastic. 

Keep reading and find out what your style uniform looks like!

Veronica Swanson Beard & Veronica Meile Beard, two sisters in law, married to Beard brothers. VSB is wearing this jacket and turtleneck, and VMB is wearing this jacket and this Dickey.

“We believe in building a collection that is inclusive of women everywhere and makes them feel confident every single day. We are mothers, entrepreneurs, sisters, friends—and we are our customer. Our motto: Look good, feel good, and do what you love.”


#1 Start with a jacket you love

Considered the most important piece of our wardrobes (in my book anyway!), invest in a Veronica Beard jacket. There are so many to love, including the original Scuba style. It’s available in three colors: winter white, black and navy, and in either the classic or moto style (see below). My top pick is the black classic — it goes perfectly with any dickey! Once you fall in love, and I’m certain you will, then you might consider adding a second blazer in a color or fabric you’d like. You’ll be able to wear it multiple ways! Here are a few we’re loving.


#2 Add a dickey of course!

This one stopped me in my tracks the other day (available in gray here). How cool to have a “sweater tied over your shoulders” look, without the bulk! Try this gray wool hoodie that’s a little more dressed up, but still casual. Check out more dickeys here and here.



#3 Make sure to have the right bottom

Any style of denim works, from your favorite skinnies to a slim straight to a make-your-legs-look-a-mile-long flare leg style.


#4 new shoes are always a good thing too …

Look at these two new Veronica Beard shoes! They come with a blingy removable clip. SO CLEVER! See more shoes here and here.




#5 And while you’re at it, Veronica Beard designs the best dresses!

I recently tried this one on, and this velvet style is perfect for any holiday gathering. Be sure and check out the amazing dress selections here and here.



If you’re ever in the LA area …

Be sure and visit the new Veronica Beard store.  It’s a beautifully designed boutique shop located on LA’s famed Melrose Place! Thank you for reading xo.



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