20 October 2019

3 key pieces that make 100’s of outfits

J.Crew white blouse, similar | Mother denim, similar | Gucci bag | Cardigan | Sunnies


3 key pieces that make 100’s of outfits: Here’s the trick


Do you ever wish you could just head into your closet and get dressed quickly? And put together a stylish outfit that makes you look super cute? Well, most of us have busy lives, whether we’re working, traveling or staying home with our kids. But most of us also want to look and feel good! 

I have a simple, foolproof trick that works every time. It revolves around three key pieces. 

I promise, these three pieces will be the best investment you’ll ever make. If you’ve been in a dressing room with me, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Adding a great bag, a must-have belt and a neutral shoe will literally complete hundreds of outfits … that you can wear every single day of the year!

Keep reading while I explain the style trick …   


#1 Invest in a caramel color handbag

This is SO important. Why? Because it adds a luxurious touch to every single outfit. It goes beautifully with denim, black, grey, white, and chambray, all the colors we love and wear frequently. And, I’m going to go as far as to say a handbag is the most important part of any outfit. So add to your list a handbag similar to the one in the above photo, and you’ll thank me later! P.S. The Loewe bag above is tops on my list rn!




#2 Invest in a must-have belt

The belt can be the same color as your handbag, or you can opt for a touch of leopard … or both. Combining a belt in this neutral color with your handbag makes all your outfits look put together. If you’re not used to wearing a belt, now is the time to try it. And remember, you can do a tiny tuck so the belt just peeks out. Play around and experiment with tucking – it makes everything look better!





#3 Invest in a neutral shoe


Try a leopard style like the one I’m wearing, or a bootie, mule or sandal in a caramel color, the same tone as your handbag.

If you own these three important pieces, you will have many easy outfit combos at your fingertips!  And we all want the simplicity of getting dressed quickly AND feeling and looking good. Trust me.

My favorites in these categories are below. Shop away!




Thank you for reading! xo