23 May 2019

The only weekend essentials you need!

Gucci denim jacket, older, similar here | Gucci sunnies

I know I know, every blog post is about the essentials you must own.  So here I go again, saying the same thing. Except IT’S TRUE!  I guarantee if you make sure these things are up to date in your wardrobe, you will wear them over and over again with everything.  You might notice I wear the same things over and over again too.  The denim jacket in the above photo is old, however I found a super cool version here.

Sooo … whether you’re going to wear your favorite denim, a summer dress, workout clothes — or any of your weekend favorites — having these essentials on hand will make all your outfits complete.  Now they don’t have to be boring!  As a matter of fact, I urge you to branch out a bit and try a fun tote with a pattern, or a white sneaker with a pop.  This  is exactly why I SCOURED to find you some pretty cool things!


So keep reading and click on your faves!

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The denim jacket

I still appreciate a classic denim jacket, and this Veronica Beard looks great over literally everything.  I love that it’s cropped and slightly ripped — it’s just plain cool.  But if you’re in the market for a refresh, try something new like this one with colored banding or this Free People one with pleated details.  Unique features make all the difference.


The carry-all tote

One can never have enough totes. I own several and they all work differently depending on what I’m wearing and where I’m going.  Today I ran around town with a new all-black tote I picked up from Zara, and it was kind of nice to have something big to toss everything into.  My suggestion: buy a fun new tote with some pattern, or even an unusual color — you will use it, believe me.


The White sneaker with a pop

While I still absolutely love all white, like this one or this one, how about trying something new with a pop of color for an unexpected look?  If you’re like me and own a few sneakers already, then it’s time to add something different.  And fun!


The scarf

Last summer I wore a leopard print scarf in my hair, and my stylish friend about came unglued when she saw me because she loved it so much.  I like all scarves right now, especially ones that you can tie in your hair AND tie on your bag.  Find one you love and I’m certain it will get lots of use!


The t-shirt

Every year I find it’s time me for a little t-shirt replenishment.  The white ones tend to get dingy, and while black lasts a little longer, we all seem to get tiny holes around the button area of our denim!  I often get asked about my favorite t-shirts, so here’s an edit for you.


 ATM tee | Madewell belt | white denim | AG denim jacket old, (similar)

Thank you for reading xo

Carrie Minns Photography