11 August 2019

Following in Jackie O’s footsteps

Jackie Kennedy, Portofino, 1961 (Image via Pinterest)

For the past few weeks, I’ve been dreaming of an Italian Seaside holiday.  More specifically Jackie O style, like when she made her legendary visit to cheering crowds in the quaint town of Ravello in 1962.  She wore her dark glasses at all times, as well as her signature hair scarf.  And then there are her custom made sandals from the famous Canfora, who still today make the same sandals named “K” after Jackie O.

Well it’s fun to dream, but the reality is that I’ll be flying coach and dragging my luggage on the train to southern Italy. 😂 There will be no fancy yachts or private planes, but that’s ok because I’m still going to experience the Amalfi coast and hopefully visit the idyllic town of Ravello (where there’s currently a Jackie O exhibit). I’ll also make my way to Capri and possibly come home with hand made sandals made just for me, just like Jackie did!

We’re heading off on our adventure tomorrow, so be sure and follow along here as I’m still planning to keep to my regular posting schedule.  To see more travel tips and why we decided at the last minute to travel to Italy, read here!


Here is my travel outfit

1. Frame denim jacket | 2. Madewell jeans | 3. Cashmere scarf | 4. Superga sneakers | 5. Cozy socks | 6. Swell bottle | 7. Bose earphones | 8. Charlotte Tilbury face mask | 9. ATM tee | 10. Herbivore face mist | 11. Valentino sandals

Since it’s a really long flight and then a train ride to our final destination, my top priority is being comfy on the flight.  This is why I am bringing this pillow and yes … this inflatable foot rest.  Everyone in my family is making fun of me, but I’m not letting that stop me!  I always always bring this cashmere silk scarf and these cozy socks on every flight. Intitally I wasn’t going to wear jeans on the plane, but I just purchased this Madewell pair in a washed black and they’re SO COMFY. And, if no one is looking, I’m going to try this face mask for a quick 15 minutes.  I heard it works wonders, and helps you look refreshed when you land!


Dresses, dresses and dresses

Since I prefer easy summer dresses on hot days, these cotton t-shirt ones will be what I’m packing. This one by Sundry has a ruffle sleeve and has been a favorite all summer.  It’s super comfy and on sale. I love this t-shirt dress by ALLSAINTS and it is the prettiest shade of pink and also super comfy.  I picked up this ATM, which easily works right into evening with a dressier sandal.  I’ll plan to wear all of these dresses with my beloved Valentino sandals or these Tory Burch flip flops.


ALLSAINTS t-shirt dress 

For evenings out, I’m opting for this one by Farm Rio (below) and this linen, button front dress (in the sand color).  Both offer Just the right amount of “dressed up” for vacation style and are not too fancy.  They will also work with flat sandals or a higher, more dressed up shoe style.


Farm Rio dress


I will be wearing these sandals with everything


And these accessories will will come along too!


Amalfi Coast inspo

Thank you for reading! Xo

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