6 August 2019

How to travel like a pro – or try anyway!

Chelsea 28 coverup | Brixton hat, similar

How to travel like a pro – or try anyway!

I decided, on a whim, to make the most of summer and squeeze in a last minute trip to Italy with my youngest son. How lucky am I to have reconnected with long lost cousins and an aunt after 50 years? 

The story goes like this: our relatives immigrated to Italy from the UK in the early 70’s, and as time goes on you unfortunately lose touch. Several years ago, my mission was to try and find them. I searched and searched the internet, with no luck. A year later I tried again, and after finding a birth announcement with the correct spelling, I located them on Facebook. You can only imagine my excitement when I friended all 4 of them … but I waited and waited AND NO RESPONSE!  Not giving up, I finally found a random phone number and it worked! We’re now connected through FB and soon will meet in person. The last time they saw me, I was 4.

Soooo now I’m in a packing panic since we leave in 6 days! I want to be comfy, not over pack, and of course have everything I could possibly need. I’ll need to take some photos while I’m making the trip of a lifetime to the Amalfi coast! Stay tuned for our travel adventures and keep reading to see some travel essentials.


Brixton hat, similar | Supergoop! | Dior sunnies | Amorepacific cushion compact | Valentino flip flops | cosmetic organizer


Luggage and packing cubes

I always take a carry-on while traveling to Europe. If something gets lost, I need to make sure my cosmetics, undergarments and other necessities are with me! The joke in our family is as long as mom’s suitcase makes it, we’re all good!  This CALPAK 20” roller is durable, can be spotted easily and it’s stylish as you’re running through airports 😉. I am considering this one for Jake, and of course packing cubes too! Lastly, this laundry bag will come in handy at the end!


(For me)

(For Jake)


Airplane necessities

Everyone in my family is making fun of me for purchasing the inflatable foot rest and the neck pillow, but I’m convinced they’re going to work. I always wear these cozy socks on trips, and get made fun of for wearing these too!


Travel Minis

Not only are these really handy, but also PERFECT for trying out new products. I have some go-to’s like this all time favorite Giorgio Armani foundation, this Tom Ford travel perfume , and a compact magnifying mirror – an absolute must!! Read here for more on travel minis.  Click on the photos below to shop.



Tech basics

These are the all-important wires and things that most of us can’t live without. And since I’m often out and about and sometimes find myself with a low charge, this portable battery pack should do the trick. Now I’m looking for ear phones and then I’ll be set!  Here are the Amazon tech items we actually purchased.


Travel totes and organizers

I’m always on the lookout for a durable and stylish new tote.  These come in handy whether you’re traveling or just running around town.  I also love having a handy passport and travel wallet.  Since I’m the one in charge on this trip, I decided this pretty blush pink color better suited me than our old utilitarian black one!


Thank you for reading! xo