11 February 2019

The top five


Happy Tuesday everyone!

Thought I’d try something new today … so I’m giving you a short recap of some of my most popular posts, and resharing them in case you missed something important.

Beauty posts seem to inspire the most conversation, which I absolutely love since we’re all in this together trying to look our best and feel refreshed and pretty. For example, the post I wrote on #beautyempties resulted in many many positive comments.  My dear college friend called me out asking why I had never mentioned tightlining.  Hah!  Sometimes the daily routines are so, well, routine that it hadn’t even crossed my mind to share this little trick.

Here are the 5 posts that have been the most popular to date!


1. #beautyempties – my top 12

I didn’t know #beautyempties was a thing until recently, when I read an article about a fellow blogger who listed her favorite products – the ones she used until the very last drop.  This got me thinking … I should do my own version!

Let’s face it, we all have our essentials, the ones we can’t live without.  In the industry, we call it “replenishment.” Replenishment refers to items that we must always have in stock.  Since I work around beauty products all day long, I thought I’d share my list of those items.  Here they are, in no apparent order 🙂


Vince dress


2. the print that’s taking over leopard

In recent months, snake print has taken over leopard print as the trending pattern to wear into 2019.  Don’t get me wrong, I still adore leopard, and always will. But this neutral, lighter, go-with-everything print has me all excited to try a few more pieces, in addition to this steal of a dress by Topshop I’m wearing below.


Topshop dress (sold out), now available in leopard print here


3. the perfume that’s everywhere

The love affair with Le Labo continues! Recently, I found myself in the ultra cool Filson store in the Pearl here in Portland.  As I walked through the beautiful glass doors, the scent was immediately recognizable: my favorite Santal 26 candle … or so I thought. Much to my surprise, I was wrong!  It was Le Labo, but instead it was “Cade 26,” a close cousin of Santal 26, except “smokier, deeper and more baroque.”  This enchanting candle, available exclusively at the Le Labo boutique stores, was originally created for the Gramercy Hotel in NYC.

Santal 33 has been my go-to, every-day fragrance for the last few years.  Ever since I read the New York Times article about “that perfume you smell everywhere,” I was intrigued.


Red BB Dakota dress


4. the essential items everyone should own

ESSENTIALS:  the key pieces everyone needs to have in their closet in order to put together solid, event-appropriate, feel-good outfits … every day.

Having a solid wardrobe foundation is one of those little pleasures in life that not only makes getting dressed easy and effortless, but will also leave you feeling prepared for any occasion.  I know, I know, these lists are everywhere, talking about the perfect white tee and the best skinny jean to own.  But stay with me because I’m going to share why having your own set of essentials is the absolute key to a carefully thought out, useful wardrobe.  AND — they don’t need to be boring!  They can be stylish and affordable!



5. why you should invest in this one item

Investing in a good solid workhorse of a handbag is something you will never regret.  Never mind that it’s a make-every-outfit kind of piece; consider it to be a key component of everything you wear —  every single day.  So it makes complete sense, both style-wise and economically, to invest in this very important addition to your wardrobe.

A well-chosen luxury bag not only has the ability to elevate most any outfit, but can truly last a lifetime.  And it can sometimes even become an heirloom!  Many of the iconic brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Loewe and Chloe really hold their resale value, which is an added bonus.  Read this post about Chloe handbags.



Loewe handbag

Photography by Carrie Minns

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