29 September 2018

This handbag is worth the investment

French fashion house Chloe is one of those brands I continue to watch year after year.  The luxury label just gets it right, introducing of-the-moment handbags that are stylish but practical. Their workmanship and quality make it worth the investment.  Considering that a handbag is something you use every single day gives you even more reason to choose wisely. It is one of the most important elements of any outfit!  Chloe bags stand the test of time and are considered to be the epitome of bohemian luxe.  I’m certain if you make the investment, your Chloe handbag will become the most beloved item in your closet.

The recent cult favorite is the “Nile bag,” which is said to have been Instagrammed 46,000 times!  As my dear friend would say, why would anyone want a bag everyone else is wearing?  I think this proves how versatile it is. While it’s nice to have something unique for special occasions, sometimes it’s smart to add a bag to your collection that’s always easy to wear.


my all-time favorite Chloe handbags


The newest Addition


Tess made its debut at the Fall ‘18 Paris runway show.  It’s the most recent take on the saddle bag with an equestrian twist. This will surely be a favorite in coming seasons.  Available now for pre-order.


The Instagram favorite


The gold bracelet handle is what sets this bag apart.  The cool thing is you can carry it by the handle, or wear it crossbody.  It’s the bag that’s Instagram famous!


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