25 October 2018

Megan and susie’s coat guide

Coat check! It’s officially coat season, and what a better way to find out what we love, what we recommend, and what sells … other than to TRY IT ON!  Honestly, this sounds obvious, but really — it’s how we identify the season’s hot items.  It’s one thing to read blogs, scour magazines and peruse Pinterest, but the key is actually seeing things on ourselves, touching and feeling them, walking around the store in them. It’s what we know after helping hundreds and hundreds of women in the dressing room!

Sooooo … that’s exactly what we did, and even we were surprised at some of the finds we discovered.  (See our try-on video here) Here’s our guide to stay warm and look super stylish while wearing the best outerwear of the season.


#1 the almighty puffer

Still on trend, still a staple run-around-town key piece for warmth.  Of course, they are stylish too (thank you Kendall Jenner who was seen in her red puffer recently – twice).   So instead of routinely going for the all-safe black, how about trying a fun, bright color?  The one we’re wearing is the Patagonia in gold.  It’s so light and it’s the perfect weight. There are more … see our picks below.




This winter, it’s all about textures. Since we’re heading into colder months, an outerwear piece is the key to an outfit, as we often don’t take it off. Available now are plaids and checks and many other interesting styles, so consider updating your coat collection to incorporate a fun new piece!




#3 delicious Faux fur

These days the faux fur options are plentiful, and they look really good too.  I mean really, really good. The super-luxe styles mimic the look of fur.  And they’re fun: leopard, spotted and lots of bright colors; the perfect pop to the outfit beneath. Check these out!




#4 timeless: luxe cashmere and wool

Think of cashmere and wool coats as investment pieces. These classic and timeless styles work with everything in your wardrobe from dresses to denim and everything in between.  A favorite label is Fluerette, which has been in business since 1949!  This is definitely a top choice for me, as it fits perfectly since petite sizing is available.  Read more about our favorite camel coats here.




Images via Pinterest