28 October 2018

5 beauty products I use every day


Recently, in an uncharacteristic moment of organization, I opened my jammed drawer full of different brands of lipsticks, blushes and foundations — you name it, I have it.  I can hardly wait for the Allure beauty issue to arrive each year, where I love checking out the “best of beauty” awards.  My drawer contains many different brands, which is how I make my selections; the best of the best.  However, I noticed all the pretty rose gold containers intermixed with all the black (aka Chanel).  Rose gold containers?  That means Charlotte Tilbury.

what I discovered is there are 5 Charlotte Tilbury products I’m using every single day.

Charlotte Tilbury is a British makeup artist and creator of her own cosmetic line.  In 2013, she launched this line in Selfridges, which quickly became one of the store’s most popular makeup counters. Now, it’s carried in Net-a-Porter, Nordstrom, Sephora and other major retailers in the US.



#1 magic cream

It was my daughter who introduced me to this cult favorite, best selling moisturizer cream.  I use it every day under my foundation since it provides a smooth base for any makeup look.  It has a faint rose scent which makes me feel fresh and clean.  It received the Allure Best of Beauty award.

#2 k.i.s.s.i.n.g lipstick

I love lipstick.  I cannot think of a better, inexpensive way to change your whole look.  Pillow Talk is the color that literally everyone wears.  From Alexa Chung, to Emma Roberts… to me!  It’s the perfect everyday nude.  I also wear Bitch Perfect regularly, and recently purchased Kidman’s Kiss which is a slightly pinkier nude.  And when I’m being really daring, I go for Tell Laura which is a geranium red.


#3 magic away concealer

Always on the search for something magic to hide my tired eyes, I will try anything that might work.  I love the ease of the sponge applicator, and the concealer is water resistant and lasts about 15 hours.  It’s the perfect balance between covering dark circles and brightening your appearance.  I gently use my fingertip to tap it in so it doesn’t settle in my wrinkles. I purchased color number 4.

#4 airbrush flawless finish powder

This super-luxe micro powder is seriously the best – it literally gives you flawless skin.  It’s the finishing touch after I’ve applied all my makeup, and a with a quick, light brush all over, I instantly feel pretty and ready to go.  I use color medium.

#5 lip pencil in pillow talk

Nothing more to say here except the lip pencil in Pillow Talk is probably the most famous color of lip liner currently on the market.  This iconic liner launched to worldwide acclaim in 2013 and has become a “hero” product.  It goes with every lipstick in my drawer and makes your lips look fuller and more lustrous – per Charlotte Tilbury, “your lips – but better.”


Photo credit: Carrie Minns Photography

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