14 April 2024

I Stopped Buying Black Shoes … Here’s Why

No black shoes: Anthropologie Somerset dress | Short version here | Sandals | Dior book tote | Twilly scarf, similar | Bracelet

I Stopped Buying Black Shoes … Here’s Why

I know, this sounds really dramatic, but hear me out!! Black shoes can be really tricky, especially when it comes to styling them with dresses — sometimes they can look too severe. As stylists, we know this fact: with black shoes, your eyes go straight to your feet! Yes, yes, we all need a great black shoe (or two) in our wardrobes. So, if you do want to wear them, just choose a simple strappy sandal or a slingback. But, I don’t think they’re super important … especially now as we enter the spring and summer season.

Many of us have a love affair with shoes, and it’s true that shoes are the easiest way to make (or break) an outfit. While you don’t need a hundred pairs, owning several “neutral” ones that are stylish and on-trend is the perfect way to update all your spring outfits. Your outfits will always come together if you have versatile shoes at your fingertips! Not sure about this? Let me explain.

After helping thousands of women in the dressing room over the last two decades, I’ve found that the right bottom and a simple, neutral shoe is the perfect starting combo of every outfit. In other words, all your cool jackets, blouses, and fun summer tops will work with just one jean and shoe combo. Today’s post is about 6 shoe trends that actually matter, and ones you’ll wear all season long. Pair some of these recs below with your favorite denim and you’ll have the perfect warm weather outfit. Enjoy! 🌸


#1 Caramel shoes


Left: Cara Cara dress | Sandals | Celine bag | Right: Gucci cardigan | Linen top | White skirt | Wedge sandals | Straw bag | Bangle

Caramel is the one color that works with everything! It compliments all other colors: black, white, gray, navy, chambray, pink, bright pink, tan, green … I think you get the idea! Caramel (aka cognac or saddle brown) is sophisticated, elegant and timeless — a true classic. I’m even going to add leopard to this list, since it’s in the same color family and works just as easily with all the other colors. Talk about versatile!


#2 Cool-girl leather flip flops

This is a trend that gives you an elevated, cool look. I’ve had my eye on these leather thong sandals by Toteme, and they keep selling out everywhere! Thank goodness, I found this affordable version at Anthropologie. You’ll wear them with everything, all spring and summer. The heel height is perfect, and they go with both denim or dresses.


#3 See-through sandals


Left: Rails sweater | White jeans | Sandals | Bag, similar | Right: Lady jacket | Veronica Beard dress | Sandals | Earrings | Chloe tote

The excitement over see-through sandals (or transparent sandals) continues! Because they kind of disappear on your foot, make your legs look REALLY long, and they really go with everything in your closet. This style by Schutz has been a best seller for a long time, and if you don’t own them yet, pick up a pair. I’ve been wearing mine nonstop for a few years now. I recently picked up this slightly dressier pair by the French brand Larroude, and the heel is so cool! You’ll wear these all summer.


#4 Metallics: gold and silver


Left: J.Crew linen blazer | Jeans, regular and petite | Gold sandals

Row 1: Gucci sandals | AGL | Row 2: Frances Valentine | Stuart Weitzman | Row 3: Tory Burch wedge | Row 4: Slingback | Veronica Beard | Row 5: Tory Burch | Dolce Vita

This shoe trend is at the top of the list because it’s the one I’m most excited about 😉 Metallic shoes are really versatile, and if you could only choose one, I’d go with a gold pair. They’re the perfect shoe when you want a little “extra” for your outfit, and you might be surprised how often you wear them! I love (and own) this pair by Cult Gaia, and they look great with this reasonably- priced clutch.

Silver is also everywhere now. Awhile back, when I picked up my daughter Emily for dinner, she was wearing the cutest outfit: an oversized trench, faded denim, a simple gray t-shirt, and silver metallic pumps from Zara. I loved the look and grabbed these lower heeled slingbacks. They’re new and different, and this year, the selection is amazing.


#5 Platform/Platform sandals

The go-to sandal for summer is slide sandals, and you can even go a little trendier with the flatform style. They’re perfect for dresses, jean outfits, and dressier shorts. Btw, dressy shorts are another summer trend I’m loving, especially when paired with a blazer. If you’re up for something new, don’t miss this sandal by Gucci. The options are endless, and the heel heights can be anywhere from flat to a couple of inches.

#6 Don’t miss out: everyone needs neutrals


Left: Denim jacket | White jeans | J.Crew sandals | Raffia clutch

Row 1: Sam Edelman | Gucci loafer | Row 2: Gucci sandal | Vince wedge | Row 3: Loeffler Randall sandal | Row 4: Sam Edelman slingback | Valentino | Row 5: Stuart Weitzman wedge | Schutz Victoire

I can’t say enough about the importance of owning several pairs of neutral shoes. Though not really a trend, neutral shoes are the style that everyone needs in their wardrobes! The trick is to find a shade that blends with your leg — then the shoes kind of disappear. They’re leg lengthening, and they go with every single outfit! Stop thinking you should only have one pair — you should have several. It gives you more options 🙂


Thank you for reading xx