7 April 2024

Start Your Spring Wardrobe with These 12 Items

Start here: Rag & Bone t-shirt | Paige Anessa jeans | Sandals | Black jacket | Claire V. bag | Necklace details here

Start your spring wardrobe with these 12 items

With warmer months ahead, many of us are planning our purchases. This is when we start to think about our spring wardrobes, and getting everything we need. And, it’s a really good idea to buy strategically. After all, who doesn’t want a stylish wardrobe that easily comes together? So, below are the 12 essentials I highly recommend buying first. This will lay the foundation for you, and make it easy to add on until you have a collection of great pieces that all work together seamlessly!

This season, I’ve spotted some newer pieces that will elevate all your outfits. For example, skirts are making a comeback and I couldn’t be more excited to start incorporating them into new style boards. And, everyone needs a lightweight cardigan — this $69 one is perfect for warmer weather. Keep reading for a checklist of essentials everyone should own. I hope you get a little inspo for your spring wardrobes as well! 🌸

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Susie’s outfits


Left: Denim jacket | White jeans | Straw clutch | Middle: Frame cardigan | Trousers | Bottega bag | Right: Linen blazer | Jeans | Sandals

Checklist: 12 items to buy first

Third pieces: Denim jacket | Casual jacket | Spring blazer | Lightweight cardigan

Bottoms: Skirt | Trousers | Wide leg denim | White jeans

Layering pieces: Casual top | Pretty blouse

Dresses: Everyday casual dress | Special dress for spring events


12 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Top row: Denim jacket | Puff sleeved top | VB Miller Dickey jacket | Striped utility top

Middle row: Striped dress | Utility jacket | Wide leg jeans | Paige floral blouse

Bottom row: Vince cardigan | Sneaker | Sandal | Straw bag | White skirt


Why these 12 essentials?

… I thought about this long and hard 😊

[1] Denim jacket: Truly a wardrobe staple for every closet. This season, I’m leaning toward this new AG slightly oversized style — it feels updated and new. For a belted style, which I’m seeing everywhere, I think this one is amazing. Super soft, and you’ll wear it over and over again. Actually, I almost think one could have both!

[2] Casual jacket: Third pieces are still important for warmer months, and I’ll go on record by saying you need them even if you live in really hot weather! A couple of months ago, my Wacoal friends and I were in Puerto Rico. Every evening at dinner, we all froze due to the air conditioning! So, depending on the weather where you are, go with a shorter trench like this new one, this Rails jacket, this $59 utility jacket or this best-selling Cinq a Sept style. They’re all great, and really really versatile.

[3] Spring blazer: Blazers are one of those things that polish every outfit. You can’t go wrong with a Veronica Beard Miller jacket — I love the new colors here and here. The Khloe scrunch blazer is another option, and I also think this cotton version is super cute. Of course, J.Crew has some great choices as well. And,  I also like this Nordstrom blazer that comes with a matching pant.

[4] Lightweight cardigan: Talk about useful, a spring/summer wright cardigan is a must! Start with this Nordstrom $69 one. I’ve talked about it for years, and I own it myself. For a more updated style, I’m seeing crochet versions everywhere — like here and here. Another option is a lady jacket, which is so versatile, and I think J.Crew makes some of the best ones, along with this best-selling Ba&Sh one.

And of course, bottoms

[5] Skirts: This has been a long time coming! Skirts are back, and thanks to Prada, longer fuller skirts are the trending piece to own. I picked up this white one the other day, and wasn’t sure, about it until everyone on my team gasped when I put it on (!!) Now I’m seeing them everywhere, and and I like this new Theory one and this linen Vince one. Of course, slip skirts are still trending too, like this J.Crew one, this Vince one and this style at Aritzia.

[6] Trousers: This is another trending style I think everyone should try! The Effortless pant at Aritzia is a great one, and it’s available in shorter lengths. I also like this linen one at J.Crew, this Vince one, and this Favorite Daughter one that’s ideal for taller women.

[7] Wide-leg denim: This is THE modern jean to own for spring 2024. It’s flattering on almost everyone, and it will update all your basics. For example, look at the Paige Anessa, and have found it to be the best one if you’re petite since it’s a little less full. The Frame Le Slim Palazzo is another best-seller. Also, I recently pulled out my Fidelity Katie jeans, and they’re also super flattering. They’re a little slimmer than say the Mother Roller, which is also a good one if you’re a little taller

[8] White jeans: In my opinion, white jeans are the key to making cute spring outfits. Yes, it can be tricky to find the right ones, but it’s worth the effort. Lately, I’ve been wearing these Paige longer flares and Mother Hustlers non-stop! I’ve also tried the AG Mari and these by Frame, which are both amazing and top sellers. For a more fashion forward style, check out this new wide-leg style by Mother and this one by Frame. Oh, and don’t forget your thong 😉

Here are the last 4!

[9] Casual tops: Non t-shirt tops like the Veronica Beard Coralee style are an essential piece for spring, and you can wear them with faded denim or white denim. Frame has some of my favorites, like this chambray puff sleeved style, this one or this one.

[10] Pretty blouse: I always recommend having a silky style of blouse to wear when you want to dress up a bit more. Look at this new silk cami, this gorgeous floral silk blouse and this new striped one on the board above

[11] Everyday casual dresses: Having several casual dresses in your closet is key for warmer weather, and I can’t think of an easier way to get dressed! It’s literally one-and-done. Whether you like a longer midi style like this, or a fun Farm Rio one like this, find one that looks and feels comfortable. See more options in this recent post.

[12] Special dress for spring events: Many of us have events coming up. So, start by keeping your eye out for a dress that is versatile enough to wear to several events. A few that caught my eye include this new Vince, this Veronica Beard, and this L’Agence. See more options in this recent post.


Checklist: 12 spring accessories

Bags: Tote | Crossbody | Raffia bag

Accessories: Scarf | Sunglasses | Belt

Shoes: Sneaker | Neutral flat sandal | Neutral lower heel sandal

Swim: One-piece | Coverup | Hat


Style board inspo

Top row: Bamboo handle bag | Scarf | Earrings | Cork sandals

Second row: Jimmy Choo tote | Swimsuit | Coverup | Gucci crossbody

Third row: Sneaker | Basket bag | Brinker & Eliza bracelet | Sunglasses

Bottom row: Hat | Sandals | Gucci belt


Straw bags and neutral sandals are the perfect combo for every single outfit!

Having a basic one-piece and, more importantly, a coverup is all you need for a beachy vacation

The little touches like glamorous sunglasses, pretty jewelry and a scarf level up every outfit


Thank you for reading xx