8 August 2023

August Drop: 6 Pieces You Need Now!

Denim comeback: Veronica Beard blazer | Loeffler Randall clutch | Frame jeans | Schutz sandals | ATM t-shirt

The denim trend that’s making a comeback!

I love being in the fashion industry! There’s a certain thrill when new arrivals land in the stores and online, and it’s so much fun to find the best things to share here on So Susie. This time of year is even more exciting because all the pre-fall collections are arriving daily, and I watch for the trends that start to evolve. While I don’t believe in following all the trends, I do think finding one or two (or three) every season has the power to take your wardrobe to the next level. And, that is what keeps our wardrobes current and fresh!

This week, my Nordstrom Stylist friends and I announced our August “N6 Drop” (a monthly drop of six of our favorite, best-selling items). We selected our favorite blazer, a stylish vest, a statement bag under $500, and the denim trend that’s making a comeback: the denim midi skirt! Today’s post is about making good, solid everyday outfits for fall, and the six pieces that will help you put it all together. They’re stylish, very wearable, and I’m sure you’ll love them 🙂 Keep reading to see what they are, and of course, how to style them!


ICYMI: the June drop

Click here to see it!


Left: Abercrombie sweatshirt | Frame denim | MZ Wallace tote | Sneaker | Baseball hat | Necklace | Right: Citizens Kayla shirt | Frame shorts | Plaid tote | Sandals | Hat | Bracelet


The must-have N6 drop pieces for August

Veronica Beard blazer | Cinq a Sept silk cargo pant | Vince vest | Denim midi skirt | Marc Jacobs bag | Paul Green sneaker


#1 Veronica Beard Miller Dickey jacket

This best selling blazer is a stylist favorite, and the outfit possibilities are endless. The blazer runs a touch big, so if you’re in between sizes, maybe try a smaller one. The hidden zipper detail allows the iconic dickies to be zipped in, and it completely switches up your outfit. I love both the black and navy colors, and just spotted this camel (below) that I think is absolutely gorgeous. Grab the matching pant or wear with denim. This blazer is a personal favorite!


Left: Veronica Beard blazer | Vest | Denim | Handbag | Earring | Boots | Right: Blazer | Dickey | White jeans | Tank | Handbag | Slingbacks | Earrings


#2 Denim midi skirts

Denim midi skirts are THE skirt to own this fall! First of all, skirts as a category is trending (which is nice to see), but the skirt that’s everywhere is the denim midi style. Wear it with tall knee boots or a pair of cool sneakers and pretty much any shoe in between.


Left: Lady jacket | Tank | Sneakers | Paige skirt | Prada bag | Right: Polo | Lady cardigan | Veronica Beard skirt | Sandals | Burberry bag | Bracelet


#3 Cinq a Sept silk pant

These cargo style pants have been best sellers for several years now. I haven’t really shared them in the past, mainly because I’m too short for them 😂 I did see a good friend wearing them recently, and let’s just say I did a double take — in a good way 🙂 Try these pants with a simple t-shirt and sneakers, or dress it up with the matching jacket or an oversized blazer.


Left: Cinq A Sept jacket | Silk pants | Cami | Anthropologie bag | Sandals | Right: Holly jacket | Silk pants | MZ bucket bag | Gucci sandals | Tank

#4 Bags under $500

I’m often asked for ideas on stylish handbags under $500, so here are a few that caught my eye.


#5 Vests are also making a comeback

Vests are another trending item, and I just purchased this button front one by Vince. I plan to wear it over a simple white tee, and while it’s still warm out, I’m going to try it sleeveless with a pair of jeans, or these Vince shorts. I noticed Danielle was wearing hers over the Vince slip dress, and it looked so chic!


#6 White sneakers

Sneakers are still going strong! I recently wrote a post all about the best sneakers to consider. Check it out here!


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