3 May 2023

Consider this before your next shoe purchase!

Consider this: J.Crew feather dress | Sandals | Pink bag | Necklaces: here and here

Consider this before your next shoe purchase!

We all have certain things we gravitate towards, and some of us absolutely LOVE shoes! Years ago, I was helping a client with her closet, and she pulled out the most beautiful summer Chanel bag. Sadly, she wasn’t wearing it because she didn’t know what to wear it with. Even I was puzzled. Then, in the middle of the night (lightbulb!), I realized it was because she was missing a shoe that complimented the bag! Next day, she brought that gorgeous bag into the shoe department to find shoes that would pair with it. Problem solved! Months later, she told me she was wearing that shoe/bag combo on repeat 😊

Who wants to look effortlessly put together every single day? I do, and I think you do as well! So, consider this: I have a style tip straight from the dressing room that works every single time: own a few shoe/handbag combinations that work with many different outfits. This way, you’ll never have to think about the finishing touches. (This is super helpful when you’re in a hurry.) For example, this sandal and this bag are a perfect pair, and so is this bag and shoe combination. Remember, the shoes and bag DO NOT need to match — they just need to look good together.

Today’s post is about brand new spring shoes and bags that work beautifully together. The end result? Go-to combos that seamlessly complete many many outfits in your closet. If you always have a great shoe (can be anything from red to a great neutral), and a bag option or two, then you’ll have what you need to make the best outfits. Trust me, if you haven’t tried this style tip, I think you’ll find it really helpful!

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Metallic shoes and bags: the cool trend seen everywhere

This shoe trend is at the top of the list because it’s the one I’m most excited about 😉 Metallic shoes are so versatile, and if you could only choose one, I’d go with a gold pair. They’re the perfect shoe when you want a little “extra” for your outfit, and you might be surprised how often you wear them! I love (and own) this pair by Cult Gaia, and they look perfect with this reasonably- priced clutch.


Left: Green bag | Left sandal | Right sandal | Middle: Gold clutch | Left sandal | Right sandal | Right: Stripe bag | Left sandal | Right sandal

Left: Pink bag | Left shoe | Right sandal | Middle: Raffia clutch | Left sandal | Right sandal | Right: Blue tote | Left shoe | Right sandal


Susie’s Outfits


Left: Veronica Beard dress | Gold clutch | Sandals | Right: ALC dress | Gucci sandals | Cult Gaia bag


Black bag and shoe combos


Left: Clutch | Left shoe | Right shoe | Middle: Straw bag | Left shoe | Right shoe | Right: Tote | Left sandal | Right shoe


Trending canvas and straw bags

Straw and canvas bags are trending, and with good reason. They’re perfect for spring and summer, and very versatile. In fact, they’re great for travel, great for errands, great for everyday use. Consider owning a couple of these — maybe try a larger one and a smaller one. And, you’ll use it all the time — I’m pretty much never without mine at this point!


Left: Straw bag | Left sandal | Right shoe | Middle: Chloe tote | Left sneaker | Right sandal | Right: Raffia clutch | Left sandal | Right sandal


Left: Tote | Left sandal | Right sandal | Middle: Tote | Left sneaker | Right sneaker | Right: Tote | Left slide | Right sandal


Susie’s outfits


Left: Farm Rio dress | Chloe tote | Loeffler Randall sandal | Right: Rag & Bone shirt dress | Loewe tote | Sam Edelman sandal


The color that works magic with caramel


Left: Wallet on chain | Left sandal | Right sandal |Middle: Chloe tote | Left sandal | Right sandal | Right: Bucket bag | Left sandal | Right shoe


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