23 April 2023

Don’t miss the 7 biggest shoe trends of spring!

Don’t miss this: Cinq a Sept jacket | ATM t-shirt | Rag & Bone denim | Clare V. bag, similar | Schutz sandals

Don’t miss the 7 biggest shoe trends of spring!

Many of us have a love affair with shoes, and a great pair of shoes is the easiest way to make (or break) any outfit. While you don’t need a zillion pairs, owning several key ones that are stylish and on-trend are the perfect way to update all your spring outfits. Your outfits will always come together if you have versatile shoes at your fingertips. Not sure about this? Let me explain.

After helping thousands of women in the dressing room over the last two decades, I’ve found that the right bottom and a simple, neutral shoe is the perfect starting combo of every outfit. If you’ve been in “Room 3” with me, you know that we can’t even get started until we find the best-fitting bottom piece! Once we do, adding a neutral shoe allows us to proceed with everything else. In other words, all your cool jackets, blouses, and fun summer tops will go with just one jean and shoe combo. If I ever do a style training of sorts for future stylists, this will be the #1 tip. But for now, I’m sharing it with all of you 😊

Today’s post is about something we all love … shoes! Don’t miss the 7 biggest shoe trends of spring! Even though there are some I’m skipping, like the croc trend — no thank you 😂 Keep reading to see which shoe trends actually matter, a little street style inspo, and the shoes that might be worth adding to your cart. Cheers!


Street style inspo


Sneakers | Pumps | Slingbacks


#1 Metallics: gold & silver

Left: Veronica Beard dress | Cult Gaia sandal | Gold clutch

Row 1: Silver slingback | Gold flat | Row 2: Veronica Beard silver | Schutz gold | Row 3: Schutz gold sandal | Row 4: Manolo slingback |  Gold sandal | Row 5: Metallic block heel | Gold sandal

This shoe trend is at the top of the list because it’s the one I’m most excited about 😉 Metallic shoes are so versatile, and if you could only choose one, I’d go with a gold pair. They’re the perfect shoe when you want a little “extra” for your outfit, and you might be surprised how often you wear them! I love (and own) this pair by Cult Gaia, and they look perfect with this reasonably- priced clutch.

Silver is also everywhere now. Last week, when I picked up my daughter Emily for dinner, she was wearing the cutest outfit: an oversized trench, faded denim, a simple gray t-shirt, and silver metallic pumps from Zara. I loved the look and picked up these lower heeled slingbacks, also from Zara. They’re new and different, and this year, the selection is amazing. Don’t miss my favorite picks below.


#2 Cool-girl leather flip flops

This is the a trend that reads elevated and cool. I’ve had my eye on these leather thong sandals by Toteme, and they keep selling out everywhere! You’ll wear them with everything, all spring and summer. The heel height is perfect, and I love them with both denim or dresses. I found them here at Net-A-Porter.


#3 See-through sandals


Left: Rag & Bone dress | Sandals | Bag | Right: Veronica Beard blazer | Dress | Shoes | Tote | Bracelet

The excitement over see-through sandals (or transparent sandals) continues! This is a trend I absolutely love, and there’s an option for pretty much everyone. Because they kind of disappear on your foot, they really go with everything in your closet. This style by Schutz has been a best seller for several years, and many of you likely own them already. This year, I picked up this slightly dressier pair by the French brand Larroude, and the heel is so cool! You’ll wear these all summer.


#4 Denim shoes

Denim shoes and accessories are showing up everywhere. I have my eye on this pair, although I’m not quite sure where to wear them 😂 For something fun, switch it up, and try a pair.


#5 Flatform/slide sandals


Left: Cinq A Sept | Loewe tote | Sandals | Sunglasses | Right: Denim jacket | Pink t-shirt | Gucci slides | Gucci bag | Earrings

The go-to sandal for summer is slide sandals. You can even go a little trendier with the flatform style. They’re perfect for dresses, jean outfits, and even dressier shorts. Btw, dressy shorts are another summer trend I’m loving, especially when paired with a blazer. If y0u’re up for something new, don’t miss this cool sandal by Gucci. I’ve been contemplating adding a pair to my shoe collection. The options are endless, and the heel heights can be anything from a flat to a couple of inches.


#6 Slingbacks

Pointy toe shoes are having a moment, and talk about chic! Of course, a pointy toe court shoe is always in style, but adding a slingback style takes everything to a new level. The heel heights vary, so you can find anything from a flat to a mid heel. Don’t miss these Sam Edelmans — I think they’re the best value, and they look designer. If you’re up for a splurge, I love the Prada ones in any color. You never want to miss an opportunity to elevate your outfit with a small change — and slingbacks always take it up a notch.


#7 Don’t miss out: everyone needs neutrals


Left: Camo jacket | Denim | Sandals | Pink bag

Row 1: Jimmy Choo | Vince | Row 2: Sam Edelman sandal | Gucci | Row 3: Sam Edelman | Row 4: L’Agence | Sam Edelman | Row 5: Sam Edelman | Tory Burch

I can’t say enough about the importance of owning several pairs of neutral shoes. Though not really a trend, neutral shoes are the style that everyone needs in their wardrobes! (I wrote about them in this post.) The trick is to find a shade that blends in with your leg — then the shoes kind of disappear. They’re leg lengthening, and they go with every single outfit! Stop thinking you should only have one pair — you should have several. It gives you more options 🙂


Thank you for reading! xx

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