20 April 2023

Here they are! My reviews of your favorite products

My reviews: Rag & Bone dress | Sam Edelman sandals | Loewe tote | Necklaces: here and here

Here they are: my reviews of your favorite products

Writing this fun little blog is truly a career highlight …  and honestly, a bit of a surprise! It started as a place to share style inspo with my friends and clients, and it has quickly grown into something much bigger. I’m working now more than I ever have before, and loving every single minute of it! It’s a good thing my kids are older, because if I would have done this when they were younger, I might have ignored them 😉 Well, not really, but you know what I mean — timing is everything. 🥂

As you might imagine, I get asked many great questions every day — and I try my very best to respond to as many of you as I can. For example, lately I’ve been getting questions about the Larroude sandals vs. the Schutz ones, and which ones are better, and are they even comfortable! I’ve also been asked which blazer to purchase, the Veronica Beard or the more affordable version by 1.State. Many of you want to know which jeans are the best, and the list goes on and on.

So, here they are! My ultimate reviews of your favorite products. These are the items I’ve been asked about most often, and I thought you might like me to compare them and give you my thoughts. I’m always honest, and if I have a strong opinion on an item, I’ll tell you. Sometimes I like them both, but I’m sharing the differences to help you make a better decision. Purchasing online is tricky, and relying on reviews can also be challenging. So, hopefully this post will give you ideas that will help guide you to make the best decisions when you’re deciding which items to buy. Let me know if you like it, and I’ll write more posts like this one. Cheers!

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Frame silk cami vs. Cinq à Sept cami


Frame silk camisole vs. Cinq A Sept camisole

This fun green silk cami by Frame just arrived in stores this week. I spotted it while shopping in LA, and styled it in this recent blog post. Lately we’re starting to see more camis arrive, which is a little overdue, since they’re pretty much the perfect layering piece any time of year. So now, which one is better? In this case they’re both great, so it mostly comes down to color and which one you need/love! The Cinq a Sept one is a touch dressier, and comes in several other gorgeous colors. I went for the green, but you can’t go wrong with either in this case.


Rag & Bone flare jeans vs. Paige flare jeans


Left: Rag & Bone flare jeans | Cream jacket | ATM t-shirt | Basket bag, similar | Right: Paige flare jeans | Utility jacket | Chloe tote

I’ve been asked for reviews about the Rag & Bone Peyton flare jeans, and it’s safe to say they’re my new favorites. There’s just something about them that feels a little more updated, and the fabric is touch thicker — in a good way. The Paige Laurel Canyon flare jeans stretched out a little (or I purchased the wrong size to begin with), I’m still trying to figure it out! The fabric is a touch thinner, and if Paige is a go-to denim brand for you, then go for it. Both have a fray hem which makes them easy to DIY them! My suggestion is to try both and pick a pair you love.


Zimmermann silk wrap dress — long vs. short


Zimmermann silk midi dress vs. silk short dress

I’ve had my eye on this silk wrap dress for so long, and last year I ordered the short one in the wrong size. So, this year I decided to try again, and when I finally got the shorter one in the correct size, I realized it was WAY too short 😂 Five or more years ago I might have gone for it, but these days there’s a fine line — for me anyway! I decided to give the longer version a try, and it’s a LOVE! A total splurge, which I justified because I’m wearing it to an upcoming special family wedding. (Got the size 0, and had several alterations including the sleeve and hem length.) It’s a gorgeous dress, and I highly recommend it!


Farm Rio slip dress vs. Vince slip dress


Left: Farm Rio slip dress | Gold sandals | Lady Dior bag | Right: Vince slip dress | Frank & Eileen shirt | Fendi bag

As much as I love a pretty bright color in the Farm Rio style, if you could only pick one, then hands down it would be the Vince slip dress. I’ve had mine for several years, and it’s really that good. It’s cut on the bias, which is really flattering. Plus it’s so versatile! Wear a blazer, denim jacket, leather jacket or even a cozy sweater over it. It works for many different events and it’s truly a stylist favorite.

Now back to the Farm Rio: the color is gorgeous, and it comes in a pretty pink and green floral style. There’s a tiny cut out at the waist, and you can tighten it a little so there’s only a peekaboo cut out. It’s time those cut outs go away in my opinion 😉


Valentino espadrille vs. Gucci espadrille


Valentino sandal vs. Gucci sandal

For several years, I’ve longed for these Valentino espadrille sandals. I adore the rockstuds, and in my opinion, this style of sandal is timeless. So, one year, I decided to try them on but they were just too high (for me, anyway). They’re 4″ for a casual wedge sandal! This is why I opted for the Gucci espadrille. The height at 3.25″ is perfect, and the sandal goes nicely with dresses or your favorite denim. I went with my usual size 37. Oh, and the gold GG’s are pretty too — if you don’t mind a logo that is!


Spanx AirEssentials vs. Varley DoubleSoft


Left: Spanx crew sweatshirt | White ATM tee | Spanx pant | Sandal | Tote | Right: Varley top and short | Sandal | Tote

Both of these brands are among my all time favorites, and recently I’ve been wearing the Spanx AirEssentials crew and pants around the house — they’re so comfortable! The fabric of AirEssentials (Spanx) and DoubleSoft (Varley) is similar in feel, and both are soft and a little flowy. Since both brands offer different pieces, I’ll share my favorites from each.

Spanx: I love the crew, wide-leg pant, either cropped or long (prefer the long for myself), and I love the 1/2 zip and the jumpsuit. Plus Spanx has petite, tall, and extended sizes!

Varley: The Alder shorts are the first pair I’ve EVER loved! I’ve been wearing them with this crochet cardigan and a simple white tank under. I decided to order this sweatshirt, which arrives tomorrow, and I’ll share it on Friday’s IG Live!


Anine Bing sweatshirt vs. Isabel Marant sweatshirt


Left: Anine Bing hoodie | Anine Bing crew | Right: Isabel Marant crew

Both of these brands are SO cool, and if you’re up for a big logo, then you can’t go wrong with these! I own the pink Isabel Marant, and it was a spendy little number. I got it at a time during the dreary winter, and I had just lost my sweet dad, I decided I needed a pretty pink in my closet. I’ve worn it quite a bit, but I’m not sure it’s worth the price. The Anine Bing ones are about 1/2 the price, and I’ve had my eye on this one for a while. On my recent trip to LA, the So Susie team spent over an hour at the Anine Bing store, and everyone walked away with a AB sweatshirt (except me lol)!


Veronica Beard blazer vs. 1.State blazer


Left: Veronica Beard blazer | Slip dress | Sandals | Right: 1.State blazer | YSL tote | White jeans | Sandals

For years, I’ve been getting requests for more affordable versions of the Veronica Beard Miller Dickey jacket (the one I’m wearing on the left). And honestly, I hadn’t seen one where I thought the fit and quality were good enough to share. Until … I found this one by 1.State and WOW is it good! While it doesn’t have the dickey option or the cool buttons, it’s still a fantastic value, super stylish, and the fit is great.


Larroude sandal vs. Schutz sandal


Larroude sandal vs. Schutz sandal

I’ve been talking about the Schutz sandal for years, and it’s such a great sandal! I’m on my second pair because I wore out the first pair. Everyone I know loves these, and there are very few people they don’t work for. So, recently I saw this dressier version, and I fell in love with the heel. They’re aren’t as comfortable as the cork heel ones, but they’re still comfy enough, and once I start wearing them, I’ll probably soften up 😉


Vuori tennis vs. Lululemon tennis


Left: Vuori hoodie and skirt | Orange tote | Baseball hat | Sneakers | Right: Green striped tee | Lululemon skirt | Chloe tote | Sneakers

Lulu: Oh how I love the tennis trend, and I haven’t even played tennis recently, only pickleball. Thank goodness the trend works for everyone, even while not on the court. In LA, while I was grabbing a smoothie at Erewhon, I spotted 5 different people in tennis skirts! The Lululemon one is cute, and I prefer the longer length. I tried the fitted tops I saw on the mannequin, but I didn’t like them so back they went. They felt to golf-like to me.

Vuori: When it comes to Vuori, this soft hoodie and matching skirt are hands down favorites! I’m tempted to get another color, because I love them so so much. So, the final verdict: if you need a basic tennis skirt, get the Lululemon. But if you want a matching set, go with Vuori!


Thank you for reading! xx