26 January 2023

Here they are! My reviews of your favorite products

My reviews: J.Crew Juliette cardigan | Ulla Johnson blouse | Mother Insider denim | L’Agence sandals | White beaded necklace

Here they are! My reviews of your favorite products

Writing this fun little blog is truly a career highlight …  and honestly, a little bit of a surprise! It started as a place to share style inspo with my friends and clients, and it has quickly grown into something much bigger. I’m working now more than I ever have before, and loving every single minute of it! It’s a good thing my kids are older, because if I would have done this when they were younger, I might have ignored them 😉 Well, not really, but you know what I mean — timing is everything.

As you might imagine, I get asked many good questions every day — which I love — and I try my very best to respond to everyone! Recently, I’ve been getting questions about the Loewe straw tote vs. the Chloe Woody tote, and which one is better. I’ve also been asked which blazer to purchase, the Veronica Beard or the Cinq à Sept. Many of you want to know which jean is the best, and the list goes on and on.

So, here they are! My reviews of your favorite products. These are the items I get asked about most often, and I thought you might like me to compare them and give you my thoughts. Purchasing online is tricky, and relying on reviews we read can also be challenging. So, hopefully this post will give you ideas that will help guide you to make the best decisions when you’re deciding which items to buy. Let me know if you like it, and I’ll write more posts like this one. Cheers! 🌟


Loewe straw tote vs. Chloe Woody basket tote


Left: Loewe Straw Tote | Right: Chloe Woody Basket Tote

Loewe Straw Tote: this was the first time I’d spent so much on a basket bag – but seeing it all over the internet convinced me it would be a good one. And it has been! It’s been on lots of trips, and I’ve carefully packed it in my suitcase, stuffing it with clothes in order to make sure it arrived safely. I love the caramel trim, and this sandal in the same color makes a great bag/shoe combo that basically works with everything.

Chloe Woody Basket Tote: Recently I decided to splurge on the Chloe tote, and it’s super cute but I think it’s too big for me. It feels like it’s more of a vacation bag compared to the Loewe that looks so stylish with a trench coat running errands in early fall. The Chloe tote is really roomy inside and an organizer inside would make it easier to find things.


J.Crew trench vs. Orolay trench


Left: J.Crew trench | Right: Orolay trench

J.Crew trench: I purchased this trench in a petite size 4 several years ago, and have worn it many times. It’s a little stiff, and perhaps it would soften up after a wash (I should probably try that 😂). It gets great reviews, and I would say it’s a little more of a classic style trench coat.

Orolay trench: This relaxed trench was gifted to me this past holiday season, and I love it! It’s soft, comfortable and very slightly oversized, making it just a little bit cooler looking. When it’s cold outside, I layer a hoodie under it, and just last night I wore it out to dinner with these flare jeans, this black Kayla shirt and these Gucci sandals. BTW, I’m under no obligation to write about this coat — I just truly love it. For reference I’m wearing an XS, and I had the sleeves and length shortened.


Frank & Eileen Joedy shirt vs. Citizen Kayla shirt


Left: Frank & Eileen Joedy shirt | Right: Citizens of Humanity Kayla shirt

Frank & Eileen Joedy shirt: Several years ago, I was gifted this shirt while working at Nordstrom, and it sat in my closet for months. One day I finally decided to give it a try, and I’ve never looked back! To date, it might be my all time favorite white shirt. It’s cool and relaxed, not too fitted, not too oversized. The superfine cotton is great quality, and I’ve reached for this shirt every single month of the year. Wear it alone or with a jacket. Everyone should own this shirt!

Citizens of Humanity Kayla shirt: Last spring, I grabbed this navy shirt the day it arrived at Nordstrom, and wore it all summer long with white jeans and the Loewe tote/sandal combo. It’s a little more oversized than the Frank & Eileen one, so if you prefer your shirt less oversized, I’d go with this one. I love it so much, I picked it up in black yesterday!


Veronica Beard jacket vs. Cinq à Sept blazer


Left: Veronica Beard jacket | Right: Cinq à Sept blazer

Veronica Beard Miller Dickey jacket: I’ve had my jacket for two years, and I absolutely love it! (It’s called a jacket but it’s actually a blazer.) The fabric is a little stretchy, which makes it super comfortable. The hidden zipper is a cool detail, and you can switch up the look by adding various dickeys. It runs a little big (I wear a size 2), and if you need the sleeves shortened, the only way to do it is from the shoulders because of the button detail. Any skilled tailor should have no problem making this alteration — I had mine done at Nordstrom. Since this jacket is shaped, it looks nice over dresses. However, it’s a little dressier, so if you want something a little more relaxed, I’d suggest the Cinq à Sept one.

Cinq à Sept Khloe blazer: This blazer is a nice crepe fabric, and it’s more relaxed than the VB one, which makes it a little more casual. It’s also a year ’round fabrication. I love it with denim or even a dressier short, and depending on your height and proportion, maybe a dress. I have the size 2 (I’m typically a 4), but if you have broad shoulders, I’d stick with your usual size.


Gucci Horsebit sandal vs. Vince Pia sandal


Left: Gucci Horsebit sandal | Right: Vince Pia sandal

Gucci Horsebit sandal: This splurge Gucci sandal is a favorite, and can be worn many months of the year (depending on where you live). The gold detail is really pretty, and it’s a classic shoe that can be worn with both dresses and jeans. It’s comfortable, and I think it’s worth the splurge!

Vince Pia sandal: This might be one of the most comfortable 3 1/2″ shoes I’ve owned in a really long time. They look high, but you’ll be surprised at how soft the leather is and how versatile they are. I just noticed Vince came out with new colors, and this neutral “blonde” color is perfect. Since the Gucci sandals have the gold hardware, the Vince wedge comes in handy when you want something a little less … blingy!


Mother Dazzler vs. Mother Insider vs. Mother Hustler


Left: Mother Dazzler | Middle: Mother Insider | Right: Mother Hustler

Mother Dazzler: The most popular mid-rise straight leg jean, the Mother Dazzler is the second cousin to a skinny jean. It’s the jean that almost everyone I helped in “Room 3” at Nordstrom loved. According to Ohi, the Mother denim rep, it’s a sexy option if you’re looking for an update to your favorite skinny.

Mother Insider: On the Mother denim website, it says this is their “iconic bootcut jean” that typically has a fray step hem. Ohi said it has a shorter inseam, making it perfect for someone who isn’t too tall. I still have mine hemmed — sometimes I even out the hem, and other times I keep the step fray. This one has a 10″ rise, 26″ inseam and a 15″ leg opening.

Mother Hustler: This jean is Mother’s best-selling high rise flare, and is a little longer than the Insider. It’s the highest rise jean I own, and sometimes it shows my tummy a little more than I’d like! My friend Danielle, who is 5’9″, loves these and they fit her perfectly. For comparison, these have an 11″ rise, 27 1/2″ inseam and a 16″ leg opening.


Dolce Vita sneaker vs. Golden Goose Ball Star sneaker


Left: Dolce Vita sneaker | Right: Golden Goose Ball Star sneaker

Dolce Vita sneaker: I ordered this GG-inspired sneaker, and was pleasantly surprised at how good it is! I immediately wore them out, and they were comfy — possibly more so than my favorite Golden Goose pair (the Ball Star). Then, someone alerted me that the online reviews weren’t good. So, I immediately reached out to my N6 friends to ask them to weigh in. The consensus? Well-priced, comfy and they’re selling out in the stores. We love them!

Golden Goose sneaker: Last year, I popped into our local GG store and fell in love with the Ball Star sneakers. They feel modern and cool, and are more comfortable than the GG Superstar sneakers. These spendy sneakers are made in Italy, and I wear mine almost every day! Definitely worth the splurge, imo.


1822 utility jacket vs. Anine Bing utility jacket


Left: 1822 utility jacket ($59) | Right: Anine Bing utility jacket

1822 utility jacket $59: This best selling jacket keeps selling out, and it’s easy to see why! The jacket has a little stretch to it, making it comfy enough for a long day of travel. And, it’s incredibly versatile. You’d never know it’s only $59! I found it to run true to size, and I wear an XS.  I know the Nordstrom website says it runs large, but my recommendation is to purchase your usual size.

Anine Bing utility jacket $350: Utility jackets are very easy to style, so they go with many other pieces. If I was going to choose, I prefer the color on the Anine Bing as compared to the 1822 jacket, which is a little more grayish/greenish. Try a utility jacket with a white top and jeans for a casual look. And, of course, there are many other outfit combos you might create!


Gucci Marmont shoulder bag vs. YSL camera bag vs. YSL Toy Puffer


Left: Gucci Marmont shoulder bag | Middle: YSL camera bag | Right: YSL Toy Puffer

Gucci Marmont shoulder bag: This is one of the questions I receive the most often: “if I’m buying my first designer bag, which would you choose between the three of these?” Well, it’s always a tough choice, but here are my thoughts!. I love the Gucci Marmont bag. It holds way more than you’d think, and the gold chain detail is really pretty. It’s the perfect everyday crossbody bag imo, and it’s my top choice for the money.

YSL camera bag: This bag is also a top seller, and holds almost the same amount as the Gucci bag. But, it doesn’t have the gold chain detail, and the leather strap doesn’t feel feels as elegant. The tassel on the bag is another detail that isn’t really my style — I guess it really boils down to personal preference!

YSL Toy Puffer: This bag is more expensive than the others, but I included it here since I’m always asked about it! This is a bag I wear often, and I also love this one. It’s easy to get in and out of with one hand, and the leather is soft and durable. It also holds a good amount of things, and I love the gold chain detail.

The grand conclusion: I’d choose either the Gucci Marmont or the YSL Toy Puffer … just depends on how much you want to spend 😊


Vince slip dress vs. Norma Kamali dress


Left: Vince slip dress | Right: Norma Kamali dress

Vince slipdress: These two dresses are staples in my wardrobe, and I get many questions about both of them. The Vince dress is hands down a favorite. The satin fabric is really nice, and it doesn’t show every little lump! I wear the Wacoal Body Base shorts under, and the Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra, which is a stylist favorite. Since the dress is cut on the bias, it’s very flattering. I wear an XS and had it shortened an inch. I’ve never worn this dress alone — there’s always something over it, whether it’s a sweater tied over the shoulders or a cute jacket.

Norma Kamali dress: This dress is such a deal at $125! I sized up to a small, and it’s another one that I never wear alone. It’s a little body hugging, so I wear the Spanx thigh shaper under it — always! This dress is also really versatile, and the jacket options are endless. I think both dresses are so useful that if your budget allows, you might want to own them both 🙂


YSL canvas tote vs. Chloe canvas tote


Left: Chloe tote | Right: YSL canvas tote

Chloe tote: I’ve used this canvas tote daily for the last 8 months! It’s roomy, and it stands up nicely. I’ve easily carried a laptop, Ipad, water bottle, and a pouch with everything else I need. If often drop my crossbody bag into it so I have two options. And, the color combo brings life to so many outfits. I highly recommend this tote!

YSL canvas tote: This is a new splurge, and I took it on the trip I’m currently on (LA and Palm Springs). It holds the same amount as the Chloe tote. But, I had my MacBook in it and when I set the bag down, it immediately fell over. Super annoying, and I’m not happy with the purchase! Maybe when I return to Portland I can figure out how to make the bag stand up — stay tuned!


Thank you for reading xx

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