23 May 2024

Here They Are: Absolute Favorites I Highly Recommend

Absolute faves: Frank & EIleen Mary dress | Quince cashmere sweater over shoulders | Schutz sandals | Loewe tote | Foundrae necklace

Here They Are: Absolute Favorites I Highly Recommend

Last month, I reunited with a dear college friend in Nashville. It was a very special trip, and it had been a number of years since we’d spent time together. Like many of you, we’ve both been busy for the last 20 years or so, raising our families in different states. It was so so fun to be together again, and of course, the topic of So Susie came up! She was curious about the business and had several questions for me, starting with … “is everything you share on Instagram gifted from brands?” That was her assumption, so she was surprised to learn that I purchase most of my own clothes.

So, here’s the scoop … being authentic is my number one promise to all of you. Truth is, there’s barely enough time in the day to explore everything I love, so I’m very very careful about what I feature on the blog. My authenticity promise to you all covers every piece I recommend here: I either own it, have tried it or helped someone else with it, have asked a colleague or friend about it, or have read about it and want to try it. I’m always on the lookout for new things – it’s what makes a wardrobe more interesting. And, I need to really love it in order to share it with all of you!

I’m excited to share today’s post: absolute favorites I highly recommend. It’s a bit of a mix — everything from the perfect pair of scissors (yes everyone needs them) to the ONLY black scarf I think is worth buying to a newer brand I just discovered. Grab a cup of tea, this post is a little long, but I hope it’s helpful! 😊

P.S. ICYMI … Click here to see my current faves under $200


I had to start with jeans … they’re one of the most important topics around here!


Left: Frank & Eileen shirt | Mother Insider | Sezane sweater | Loewe tote | Right: Paige Anessa 31″ | White tee | Black jacket | Wedges | Clare V. bag

#1 – Mother Hustler or Insider – I’ve been talking about long length denim recently, and I do believe they’re the newest style to try. However, since we’re going into warmer months, having an everyday ankle length jean is very important. I grouped these two together since they’re really similar and you don’t need both. At least I don’t think you do 😉

First, they both come in petite sizing – Hustler here, Insider here. They’re both available in several washes, but here’s the biggest difference: if you prefer more of a midrise, go with the Insider. If you’re on the shorter side (like me), the length is a little better. The Hustler is a higher rise, and a little wider at the bottom. Try both, and once you’ve chosen your favorite, let me know!

#2 – Paige Annessa 31″ – This long length style is my newest favorite wide-leg jean. It fits so nicely, and it’s current so it will give your closet a refresh. I love this medium wash, this new light summer wash and this écru color. And, if they’re too long and you want to cut them, see below for the scissors that seriously work magic!

#3 – Rag & Bone Logan – This is the cool girl jean, and it’s the number one seller at Rag & Bone. It’s a little tricky for me to wear since I’m 5’1″ – but everyone else who’s an inch or two taller looks amazing in them! I love this embellished pair, this écru pair and this faded blue featherweight one. P.S. they look terrible online — but trust me, they’re amazing on.



Let’s talk about home items for a change!


Left: Varley dress | Pottery Barn sectional | Garden stool | Outdoor pillows, similar here | Right: White vase | Water dispenser

#1 – Gingher scissors – Last week at the Soho House event, three friends told me how they all bought these scissors and what a game changer they are. I don’t know how I dealt with dull scissors my whole life — I’m so glad these came along! And, they’re only $28. So run and get them, you’ll thank me later!

#2 – John Derian coffee table book – I kind of forgot about this book until the other day when in a favorite Portland store and there it was! It’s a thick book with beautiful images that are meant to be torn out. Yes, torn out! If you’re looking for a DIY quick art project, get the book and some nice frames, and select your favorite images. I wrote about it in this post.

#3 – Serena & Lily All Weather Wicker Sofas – I went crazy last year and splurged on these two, and I’m so glad I got them! They’re extra long, super comfy, and they look really good. If you want an equally as good but more affordable version, look at this Pottery Barn one. I have it on my deck, and I love it just as much as the SL one!

#4 – Diptyque scented oval – These make the perfect gifts … for you and a friend! There are several scents. I like 34, Figuier and Baies. All are soft, and you’ll love how they smell. I have one in my closet, and I highly recommend it if you like scented things!



Quince: the affordable brand I just discovered


Left: Linen shirt dress | Cashmere sweater | Zara bag | Sandals | Right: Linen dress | Gucci sandals | Tote, similar

#1 – Linen dressesWhere have I been? My girlfriend has been telling me about these for years — and I guess I wasn’t listening! Well now I am. Talk about high quality, well priced summer linen staples. Look at this long shirt dress, this shorter dress and this new smocked style in navy. See more in this post.

#2 – Cashmere sweatersWow, another category that’s amazing. I wore this one in LA for 6 days in a row, since the weather was cool, and it held up beautifully. To see the best cashmere care instructions I’ve ever seen, check out their website here. And while you’re at it, stock up on ivory, gray, black and even this pink one I just got. Some of mine are XS, but I prefer the small.



Clothes … of course


Left: Cinq a Sept Holly jacket | Paige jeans | ATM t-shirt | Right: Theory nylon bomber

#1 – Veronica Beard Miller Dickey jacket – After several years of owning this jacket, I still gravitate towards it. Unlike when I purchased mine, you can now get it with gold or silver buttons on the Veronica Beard website. It’s a splurge, but way less than the more expensive Balmain one. I sized down to a 2 and found most of my clients in the dressing room sized down as well.

#2 – Halogen $69 cardigan – This is the perfect summer cardigan. It’s a linen blend, super easy over dresses, shorts, denim and any kind of work outfit. I’ve had mine for several years, and besides being versatile, it’s only $69!

#3 – Cinq a Sept Holly jacket – This is seriously the best lightweight jacket for summer, and it’s so feminine and pretty. Available in several colors. I sized down to an XXS.

#4 – ATM Schoolboy t-shirt – I’ve gone on and on about this t-shirt, and it’s still a favorite I grab over and over again. It’s a stylist favorite,; it’s arm flattering and it works under blazers and denim jackets and everything in between. Runs true to size.

#5 – Spanx AirEssentials jumpsuit – This best-selling jumpsuit is cute and extremely comfortable. It has just been restocked in black and navy — my favorite two colors, so don’t wait too long! I take a petite small, they run true to size.

#6 – Vitamin A coverup shirt – I wore this fun print in Mexico. They keep adding new prints, like this pretty floral one and this brand new striped one. I can’t help myself and keep adding more! They’re comfortable, and look extra cute when hanging out at the beach.

#7 – Theory bomber – I’ve worn this jacket non-stop for the last few months! It’s super stylish, goes with all your favorite bottoms, and it’s comfortable. I just noticed it’s back in stock here.

#8 – Frank & Eileen Mary dress – I can’t recommend this one enough. It’s very comfortable, and you’ll wear it all summer long. I prefer the denim ones because they run a little shorter and I don’t need alterations. But, if you’re on the taller side, go with the linen ones! They run true to size.

#9 – Nordstrom cashmere silk wrap – Hands down, this is the ONLY black scarf you’ll ever need! It’s lightweight, perfect for an extra layer when traveling, and it’s not too bulky. I take this on every single trip. Run and get this, I promise, you’ll be happy you did!



Lululemon Top 5


Left: Scuba 1/2 zip | Tennis skirt | Right: Tennis dress | Align V-neck bra | Mini-Flare pant | Scuba 1/2 zip | Belt bag | Track jacket | Keychain | Define jacket | Tennis skirts | Shoes | Pink Scuba and matching pant

#1 – Mini-flare pant – This pant is so flattering! I’ve worn it on walks, long airplane flights, to Zumba, and while running errands. It’s on-trend, and I think everyone should give it a try. If you like a cropped version, this Wunder Train Tight is my #2

#2 – Tennis skirts and dresses – You’ll absolutely love this dress and this skirt. Both are perfect for pickleball, coffee runs and warm weather days

#3 – Everywhere Belt Bag – It goes on every single vacation! Perfect if you’re out walking or exercising, but still need glasses, keys, etc.

#4 – Hold Tight t-shirts – I was so excited when they came out with the short sleeved version of this best-seller. It’s the perfect layering piece, and it adds a layer of warmth if you need it

#5 – Scuba sweatshirts – Another top seller. Everyone I know has either the full zip or half zip. This time of year, it takes a back seat when the weather warms up, but it’s a good one, and the colors are pretty!



Beauty faves


Left: Papinelle robe, similar | Right: Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm | Hair mask | Baies candle

#1 – Rouge 540 – This top selling fragrance is incredible, and talk about a fragrance that gets compliments! If you love perfume, this one is worth trying next time you’re in the beauty department

#2 – Colleen Rothschild Cleansing Balm – I’ve talked about this cleansing balm for years! It’s like a mini-spa in a jar, and the muslin cloth when run under warm water is the best part

#3 – Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – I know foundation is hard to purchase online, so this is another one to try the next time you’re in the beauty department. Hands down, this is my favorite foundation. You can build it up for more coverage, or apply it lightly for less coverage. This is a favorite beauty product!

#4 – Kiehl’s Creme de Corps – Always have this one with me. It goes on every vacation — a body lotion that you’ll love if you haven’t tried it already. It gives your arms and legs a lovely sheen, it feels nice, and it’s moisturizing!


Stay tuned for part 2!


Thank you for reading xx