9 April 2023

As of Late, April 2023 Edition

So Susie … everything I’m loving as of late 💕

As of Late, April 2023 Edition

Hi everyone! Welcome to my newest series … “as of late.”  I decided to switch things up a bit here on the blog. Every month or so, I’ll be sharing what’s happening in the world of design, food, travel, fashion and … life! It’s as if you’re sitting around with girlfriends having a glass of wine, and one of them has the inside scoop 😉 The last installment was in January, which you can read here.

I’ll be covering some fun topics, along with whatever other interesting topic might come up during the month. For example, there’s what’s in my shopping bag, things that have caught my eye as of late (there’s always something), and exciting interior and exterior design projects. There are also food and cocktail recipes, travel plans and ideas, current trends, and of course, street style inspo 🌟 So … lots of great stuff!

Since fashion is what we talk most about here on So Susie, that won’t change at all. But this will be a fun way for me to share my thoughts on some other interests you all seem to enjoy. I hope you like it 🥂 Cheers!

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What has caught my eye … as of late

As I mentioned in the Saturday newsletter, the So Susie team is off to LA this week. In between eating, shopping and people watching, we have a few meetings planned. I’m hoping to meet up with Ohi, the Mother Denim rep, for a little intel!

I love mentoring college graduates who are passionate about the business of fashion. And I’m really excited that Julia and Emily (both recent grads) are joining in for all the fun. It’s a great experience for them since a big part of this job is about buying and merchandising skills.

Of course, I’ve been thinking about my outfits, and I’ll be building around these key pieces: the Rag & Bone blazer, écru jeans, black blouse, espadrilles, and this red striped t-shirt. Follow along in my insta stories where we’ll be sharing all our exciting finds!

Paige dress | YSL tote | Sandals, affordable version here | Denim jacket | Poppy Finch necklace


Travel updates: Charlotte Street Hotel, London


Charlotte Street Hotel, London

Boutique Hotel in London: We all love a well-designed hotel, don’t we? My preference is always a smaller hotel with personalized service and curated design elements. Last summer, when searching for places to stay in London, I landed on the Firmdale Hotel Group, and spent hours looking at all their beautiful properties. After staying at Number Sixteen this past summer (read more in this post), I wanted to try another property. This time, I chose the Charlotte Street Hotel, and it was truly a memorable stay. We had a lovely afternoon tea in the Oscar Bar, and the hotel had lots of comfy lounging space downstairs in which to work, or enjoy a drink from the honesty bar. The service was over the top, and every single person was friendly and super helpful! In case you’re interested in what I packed, click here to read this post.

London neighborhood: The location is central to shopping, a 15 minute walk from Oxford Circus, and it’s situated away from the bustle in a more sophisticated setting with lots of independent bars and restaurants. It’s close to the tube station, and is a five minute walk away from Soho and the British Museum. We absolutely loved it!


Are you wearing the right color?


House of Colour | Sarah Roderick

Getting your “colors” done has been around for years (remember Color Me Beautiful?), and now it’s having a resurgence thanks to Tik Tok!! This past week, I received a DM from Sarah Roderick, who found me on a Instagram at the suggestion of a good friend. Sarah is a color specialist, and we had so much fun together making Portland connections, and of course talking about color.

While I already knew I was a “Winter,” I thought why not? It can only help, and of course I love connecting with new friends. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised! Besides white, black and navy, which are some of my favorite colors, it’s a great reminder that we all have “WOW” colors. Wow colors are the ones that look best on us and make us feel extra pretty 🙂 Now I’m absolutely certain that anyone looking to take things to the next level should give this a try! P.S. Now I’m reviewing my purchases, and even decided to switch to a brighter lipstick! Stay tuned for more color revelations in the coming weeks.


My latest Reels videos and how to shop them

I love getting in my closet and making outfit combos to show you on my Instagram Reels. This style trick always works, and it was featured in the Reels Video where I shared my favorite outfit combos using an all-white starting point. For example, this Levi’s jacket is a best seller, and so is this navy blazer. For a new color denim jacket, this grey one by Allsaints is perfect, and I adore the sparkle buttons! Click here to watch the Reels video, and here to shop it.

I realize it can sometimes be tricky to shop or get outfit details on Instagram. The ShopLTK app makes it super easy, and you can find it all right here.

Other recent Reels videos include this controversial skinny jean one, this IG Live, the only LBD you need, and this other one about vacation outfits, and how not to overpack! Shop it all here.

Cinq a Sept jacket | ATM t-shirt | Frame flare jeans


House projects


Left: Serena & Lily vase | AD book | Le Labo candle | Middle: J.Crew denim shirt | Right: Living room before

Working my house is one of my favorite things in the world to do! Recently, I looked at my living room with a new perspective and decided it needed an update. Just like our wardrobes, mixing high and low is key. For example, it was time for the 23 year old sconces to go, along with the tired looking chairs and 15 year old seagrass! It’s still in process, but new additions so far include these sconces, this Pottery Barn rug, and a framed mural. Everything is taking a while, but when the new sofas arrive, everything in place will move up to our bonus room to create another cozy space.

The Duncan Phyfe table passed down by my sweet mother in law was newly painted, and now I’m watching everyone closely so they don’t scratch it with keys, Stanley Cups, mail, etc! This is the FIRST time in my life I’m telling my family “hands off!” I’m pretty relaxed usually, as one has to be with an all white interior. But, since these are new things, I’m erring on the side of caution!!


Thank you for reading!