3 January 2023

10 athleisure items totally worth the hype!

Athleisure: Isabel Marant sweatshirt | Mother denim | Naghedi tote | Golden Goose sneakers | Michele watch | Jenny Bird bracelet

10 athleisure items totally worth the hype!

“Athleisure: Casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable for both exercise and everyday wear.” *

It’s official: the athleisure trend is here to stay! Now more than ever, we all want to know how to nail this style. We want to look chic, cool and effortless as we hit the streets and continue our travel frenzy. Since January is the official month of exercising (all those new year’s resolutions!), I thought I’d join the rest of the world and figure out how to weave exercise into daily life. Gym wear has become an everyday style here and around the globe. And, dressing functionally has become incredibly popular, especially since our homebound pandemic days. So … here’s how to do it!

Since yesterday was “Day 2” of my personal goal of  “30 Days To Get Out of a Rut,” I decided there’s nothing better than a couple of new athleisure outfits to get things going 😉 Clearly, I’m not the only one thinking this way, because Lululemon was packed! Luckily, I have the inside scoop on which hot items are selling since a good friend/trusted resource works there and is up on all the latest trends. I picked up these pants for Jack and Tom, these workout pants and jacket for me, and much more. Everything from yesterday’s shopping trip is on the first board below.

When I started researching athleisure trends, everything related to tennis, or “Tenniscore” as it’s known, popped up as the top athleisure trend for 2023. And, if you have joined the thousands of people around the country who are playing Pickleball (America’s fastest growing sport), then the Tenniscore trend will be perfect for you!

Today’s post is about the top 10 athleisure items totally worth the hype! I’m certain that by refreshing your active collection, you’ll feel a little extra stylish while running errands or enjoying social activities. Keep reading to find out the hot new Lululemon pant, my favorite athleisure brand, super cute tennis pieces, and of course, styling tips! Happy New Year 🌟


Susie’s shopping excursion

Scuba zip jacket, light blue | Everywhere belt bag | White zip jacket | Long sleeve top, black and light blue | Tennis skirt | Flare pants | Black Nike Air Max | White New Balance sneakers


Susie’s outfits


Left: Club & Court tennis dress | Middle: Athleta Urbanite dress | Right: Outdoor Voices dress


Left: Varley jacket, 1/2 zip sweater Leggings | Middle: Zella zip jacket | Alo topRight: Half zip puffer sweater | Beis Weekender


#1 Everywhere belt bag

Where do I begin on this fun little bag? It fits all your essentials, looks (and feels) great for exercise AND for running errands/going out, and is PERFECT FOR TRAVEL! On my last trip, I wore it from the minute I left the house until I arrived at my destination. It carried my wallet, phone, travel papers and the things we all need on an airplane 😉 I’ll never leave it at home again!

Everywhere Belt Bag


#2 New Balance sneakers

Who doesn’t love cool new sneakers? These by New Balance arrived yesterday, and they’re perfect for exercise as well as for your next plane trip. My advice: when you spot a pair you love, grab them! These old-school sneakers are flying out the door.



#3 Hot new workout pants: Lululemon Groove flares

After many years of skinny workout pants, flares are back (thank goodness)! The Lululemon “Groove” workout pants are so cool, and these top sellers are back in stock. I went with the size 4, and am having them altered by several inches to get them to the right length. In case you’re wondering, the flare still remains! The best part? Lululemon does alterations … for free! Take advantage of this to make your new flares fit perfectly.


Left: Puffer | Hoodie | Flare pants | Tote | Sneaker | Stanley tumbler | Right: Ski sweater | Vest | Sorel boot | Flare pants | Tote | Hat


#4 Vuori jogger

Hands down, this jogger is worth every penny. I’ve been saying this for over two years now, and it’s still true. If you don’t own them yet, run and get them! You’ll wear them on the airplane, to your next exercise class or while hanging at home on the weekends. They’re versatile, stylish and super soft. If you want outfit ideas, look at this blog post I wrote last month!


#5 My fave athleisure brand: Varley

Varley is my new favorite athleisure brand, and they have great pieces that work for both travel and everyday wear. I love this brand so much, I wrote an entire post about it here. I’ve been wearing this lightweight quilted jacket, this 1/2 zip and these leggings non-stop! Everything by Varley is soft, comfortable and super stylish. Try a piece or two, you’ll fall in love like I did 🙂


Left: Quilted jacket | 1/2 zip | Mother denim | Naghedi tote | New Balance sneakers (more sizes) | Hat | Right: 1/2 zip | Long sleeved top | Leggings | Sneakers | Bag | Hat | Water bottle


#6 Nike Air Max

I’ve been seeing these Nike sneakers all over the internet, so yesterday I went on a sneaker expedition, and these were the winners. Since I had no sneakers on the day I actually decide to go to the club, finding a comfy, stylish pair was tops on the list. They are also ideal as part of a travel outfit for any trip you might have coming up.


#7 Lululemon Scuba hoodies

These slightly oversized scuba hoodies are so soft and cozy, you’ll wear them all the time. Both the 1/2 zip or full zip styles are best-sellers, and the color selection is ideal for any time of year.


#8 Tenniscore

Ever since the fourth grade when I discovered my dad’s wooden tennis racket, I’ve had a love of tennis and everything that goes with it. Tracy Austin and Chris Evert were my icons, and the pompom socks, crisp white sneakers and tennis dresses they wore? Well, let’s just say I copied them head to toe 😊 As I got older, I moved onto flirty tennis skirts, tart, tangy Pimm’s Cups and even tennis bracelets. And the love affair continues …

Check out this tennis skirt and this Ourdoor Voices dress. Club & Court is the brand I’m wearing above, and Tuckernuck has some of the cutest tennis pieces. More finds are below — enjoy!


Left: Quilted Pullover | Tennis Skirt | Tennis Top | Sneakers | Canvas Bag | Tennis Racket & Balls | Right: Tennis Dress | Cardigan | Sneakers | Tennis Tote Bag | Socks | Sunglasses


#9 Baseball hats

One of the trendiest items this past year, baseball hats are the cool accessory to own! I love the Rag & Bone nylon hats, they’re perfect for warmer weather since they’re lightweight and easy to pack. These stylish baseball hats seen all over the internet are so cute, and you’ll love all the colors that are available!


#10 Lululemon long sleeve top

I just picked up this top in two colors and it’s the perfect layering piece for cooler weather. According to Lululemon, “this lightweight everyday top has just the right softness, just the right stretch, and a snug fit that feels like a second skin.” So true.


Thank you for reading xx

*The Oxford Dictionary