20 November 2022

Everyone on your list will love this gift!

Trust me! Jack: Vuori zip hoodie | Joggers | Sneakers | Susie: Zella jacket | SneakersVuori hoodie | Joggers | Naghedi tote | Luggage

Everyone on your list will love this gift!

True story: The other day, I heard my son Jack walk in the front door, and I immediately called down to him “can you quick change into your Vuori joggers so we can get a photo together?” He said, “Mom, I’m already wearing them!!” Then I asked my husband to take our photos, and he too announced that he was wearing his Vuori joggers 😂 This just goes to show that college-aged guys really like them, and so do older guys — I mean, how can you not love buttery soft jogger pants that are also kinda cool?

Literally, everyone …

I’m convinced that every man, woman and teen should own a pair or two of these ridiculously comfortable, incredibly versatile pants. My friend swears she has worn hers EVERY DAY since she got them — and I believe it! So, since many of us are in gift- giving mode (or just want to be cozy while lounging or running errands), I decided to share this one item that is the perfect gift for both women AND men. Trust me: every person in your life will love them — guaranteed!

Today’s post is a continuation of one that I wrote about these joggers last month (read here). I’m sharing some brand new Vuori pieces, like this cozy fleece jacket for women and this zip one I just picked up for Jack. Don’t wait on these, because they will sell out. Keep reading to see 10 style boards showing brand new ways to wear these super cool and comfy joggers … and a little guy inspo too!

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Matching sets for women


Left: Zella jacket | Vuori hoodie | Jogger | Tote | Sneakers | Sunglasses | Right: Zella jacket | GG tote | Zip hoodie | Sneakers

I love a matching set because it’s such an easy way to look put together when heading out! Trust me, pretty much any jacket works over joggers: think longer trench jackets, puffer vests, cozy jackets like the one above, and so on! The zip hoodie and the Halo hoodie are the two best-selling sweatshirts for women. Both are super soft, and they layer perfectly under all your jackets. Right now, I’m also loving these new Zella jackets, including this quilted one, this fleece one (my recent purchase) and the two above — all so cute!

Other matching sets





Left: Puffer coat | Jogger | Hat | Stripe bag | Right: Fur trim parka | Juliette cardigan | Crossbody bag | Boots | Hat

Every person needs a puffer (unless you live in Florida 😂), and a puffer coat or parka works perfectly with the Vuori jogger. I love Moncler puffers, however, I do realize they’re a huge splurge. There are many affordable options though, and three noteworthy brands are J.Crew, North Face, and Bernardo. A shacket (or shirt-jacket) also looks great with joggers, and of course with all our beloved denim.


Blazers/Shirt jackets


Left: Rag & Bone blazer | Sweater | Jogger | Scarf | Luggage | Sneaker | Right: Shirt jacket | Turtleneck | Shirt jacket | Scarf | Woven tote | Sneaker

A shirt-jacket or a blazer goes perfectly with joggers, and they’re the ideal travel outfit as well. Any thin sweater layered underneath will look good. But, how do I love them most? With a cashmere hoodie, of course! There are a few versions here,  here and here check them out. And, a cashmere hoodie is the perfect gift for someone special in your life 🙂


Vuori outfits for guys


Left: Plaid shirt jacket | Jogger | White t-shirt | Duffle bag | Sneakers | Beanie | Right: Vuori jacket | Scarf | New Balance sneaker | Hydro flask | Beanie

Trust me on this one, your guy, no matter how young (or old), will love how comfy and soft these joggers are. The styling options are endless (if they care 😂) and any kind of shirt jacket or hoodie works. Guys like when getting dressed is easy, and it doesn’t get any easier than this!


Puffers/Parkas for guys


Left: Vuori vest | Jogger | Henley | Scarf | Sneakers | Beanie | Bag | Right: Northface | Scarf | Sweater | Luggage | Travel kit | ON sneakers

Cozy puffers and vests are perfect for traveling, or come to think of it, for any day of the week! Layer up with scarves, beanies and cashmere sweaters or hoodies, and the guy in your life will be toasty this winter.



Vuori best-sellers for men


Moncler jacket | Vuori jogger | Paris tote | Hoodie | Golden Goose sneaker | Gorjana necklace | Beaded necklace


Thank you for reading xx

P.S. This is not sponsored by Vuori (though it should be 😉). These are just my own thoughts, opinions and recommendations!