8 December 2022

Fashion insiders all agree on this one thing …

Insiders love these: Alice & Olivia blouse | Frame Mini Boot jeans | Gucci sandals | Gigi Clozeau necklace | Gorjana necklace

Fashion insiders all agree on this one thing …

We looove new arrivals — and so do many of you!

Back when I was working as a Nordstrom Stylist, I always arrived before my first appointment in order to “make the rounds.” Every day, I would wander through the entire store stopping by most departments to see what was new. I wanted to know what was selling, and tried to grasp any product knowledge I could. During my time as an Interim Store Manager, we would greet salespeople and give high fives whenever it was deserved! We would joke because sometimes they’d say “you won’t like what we got in today …” See, they knew the kinds of things I was looking for: cool, stylish pieces that were going to fly out the door. That was my rep, and I was kinda proud of it 😉

You know, fashion insiders all agree on this one thing … we looove new arrivals! In those days, when a new collection would arrive (or even when we would just re-stock), every stylist would grab a piece or two to have in their dressing rooms. Then, we would get busy in the back, creating stylish outfits for our clients! Of course, this is still happening in many stores, but things have definitely changed a bit. Online shopping is more popular now, and there is more merchandise available online than in stores. But, it’s still really funQ

Well, I’m still “making the rounds,” except now I do it online and have much more product at my fingertips. I still have my go-to’s like Nordstrom, Revolve, Intermix, J.Crew etc, and I still get excited when I spot new arrivals that I love (or see pieces that will make stylish outfits). Being an insider all these years has helped me develop my sense for what’s hot and what you all will love. Today’s post is about the brands or stores where I’ve spotted some great pieces lately — I hope you like it!


The only jean worth buying rn

Milly blazer | Mother denim | Slingbacks | Valentino bag | Alice and Olivia bow blouse | One-shoulder blouse | Earrings

As I peruse all my favorite websites, I’m noticing that flare jeans continue to be everywhere! On the Veronica Beard website, all their new arrivals featured wider leg styles. Assuming we all have plenty of jeans, fashion insiders believe that adding a newer style is still the best way to give everything an update. Two styles I’m loving are wider leg styles like these, or mini-boot styles like this one. Give them a try if you haven’t already!




Striped sweaters are a thing

Anine Bing coat | Toteme sweater | AGOLDE Riley | Toteme boots | Bottega bag | Earrings

Last year, this oversized sweater by Toteme was everywhere, and the splurge price point made it hard for most of us to try it. Although, it hardly stays in stock anywhere 🤔 Luckily for us fashion insiders, there are copies everywhere! Whether you’re looking for a 1/2 zip like this, turtleneck like this, or a polo collar like this, a striped sweater is THE style to own this season! P.S. I want this entire outfit 🙂




The color red … we all agree, it’s still trending

Sweater | Merci Top | Jeans | Jumpsuit | Heels | Earrings | Handbag

This morning, I popped onto Shopbop and noticed right away a red Zimmermann dress and a Rhode dress  — love it all! Yes red is perfect for the holidays, but I’m thinking of outfits that go WAY beyond the holidays 😉 Add a touch of red to your wardrobe now, and it will liven everything up later!




New arrivals at J.Crew

Faux leather trench | Plaid shirt | Mother denim | Gucci sandals | J.Crew dress | Feather bag | Earrings

Pretty often, I’m mixing a piece or two from J.Crew with something I already own and putting together a good outfit. And, since the brand is on fire thanks to Olympia, the super cool lead designer, there are many things to share. First, the dress above instantly reminded me of the Zimmermann styles I absolutely love. You can’t go wrong with any of the latest holiday pieces, including this sequined sweater, or this feather dress. All so stylish and very well priced! Here’s the insider scoop: the good items are going fast, and if you find something that catches your eye, don’t wait because it will likely be gone. You’ll find some things you love, I’m sure of it.

Pro-tip: Don’t buy an entire wardrobe at J.Crew! Even Olympia doesn’t do that 😉 Be sure and mix things up by wearing J. Crew pieces with your favorite denim and boots, a designer bag if you own one, and other fun accessories. This is the essence of high/low dressing!




Feathers are everywhere

Feather jacket | Cashmere Sweater | Mother Denim | Stuart Weitzman Boots | Clutch | Earrings | Feather Dress |  Schutz Ariella Heel | Candle

I love the feather trend, and a little can go a really long way! Last year, I spotted these feather trimmed pajamas all over Instagram, and ever since, I’ve been wanting to try them. This year, Nordstrom joined in and started carrying the brand Sleeper. You can try a feather bag — love this one and this one. Or shoes — look at these or these. Dresses are everywhere, and I spotted this one and this one. Finally, you can go all out with this cool jacket by LaMarque.



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