17 November 2022

Want to know what I wear the most? Come into my closet!

Know what I wear most? Zella jackets | Alo sweatshirt | Leggings | Sneakers | Poppy Finch necklace | Bony Levy chain

Want to know what I wear the most? Come into my closet 😉

One of my favorite things to do is put outfits together to share with all of you! As a matter of fact, creating outfits was my specialty as a Nordstrom Stylist. That is why I truly believe it’s best to have fewer pieces in your closet. But, you want to make sure they are items you’ll wear all the time in many different combinations. I’m often asked about the things I wear often, over and over again — so I thought I’d write about it here. Want to know what I wear the most? Come into my closet! All my clothes (and accessories) are comfy, stylish and work most months of the year.

Keep reading about those day in and day out pieces and accessories that get a lot of wear. I’m talking about bras and panties, the lip color I use pretty much every day, and of course, those clothing items that get worn repeatedly. I hope you find a thing or two that will help you round out your closet. It’s way more fun when you have complete outfits, even if you’re just running errands 🙂 You want getting dressed to be easy and effortless! And when you have the right pieces, that is exactly what happens 😊

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Soft sweaters

Stripe sweater | Frame coated denim | Rag & Bone boots

I’ve gone through hundreds closets over the years (though I don’t do that anymore 😉), and I really learned a lot. For example, great denim is key; and besides t-shirts, sweaters seem to be a category we like to collect! But over time, they get pilly, stretched out and worn looking. So, you really only need a few basic sweaters, then you can fill in with a few special ones you absolutely love. Below are the staples I recommend:

#1 – Vince Weekend Cashmere sweater — had this camel one for years and still love and wear it all the time

#2 – Cashmere crew (Nordstrom and J.Crew one), boxy cardigan and relaxed v-neck — all so good and I wear repeatedly

#3 – Treasure & Bond $59 off the shoulder — feminine and a little sexy; perfect for holiday events

#3 – Special sweaters jeweled button stripe (above) and this Rails striped sweater


Special jewelry

I’ve collected some great pieces over the years, but I pretty much wear the same necklace stack every single day. I find that some necklaces are difficult to get on and off (I usually have to enlist the help of an assistant or hubby)! For three years straight, I wore this Poppy Finch (small version here) and Bony Levy chain. Then I really shook things up and substituted the Poppy Finch for this Bony Levy pear pendant, which I love. And finally, this year I fell in love with my current stack. Here it is:

#4 – Gigi Clozeau — a dainty white beaded chain which I get the most compliments on

#5 – Gorjana pave disc necklace another one that easily layers with many other necklaces

#6 – Foundrae protection charm necklace a very special gift. Here’s another one I just love purchased from a local store here in Portland called Twist



Rag & Bone blazer | ATM t-shirt | Mother Dazzler | GG Ballstar sneakers | Beis Weekender | Paravel | NY Hat

#7 – Rag & Bone Slade blazer — I’m wearing this one the most right now. It started in August when it was part of my airplane outfit (see here), and now I wear it with a t-shirt under and a scarf. Hands down, this is a favorite. I found it in stock at Rag & Bone, Saks and Nordstrom.

#8 – J.Crew Juliette cardigan — everyone should own this, it’s that good. Size down at least one size or possibly two.


Handbag loves

I know, I’ve collected quite a few handbags in the past few years, but I reach for these two regularly. Both are super comfy, easy to get in and out of, and they hold more than you might think for a smaller size bag.

#9 – Gucci bucket bag

#10 – YSL Toy Puffer




Left: Off the shoulder sweater | Frame coated denim | Gucci sandals | Right: Vuori zip hoodie | Vuori jogger

This is pretty much all I wear — jeans or joggers! They’re both practical and comfortable, and the Vuori jogger works for men too. Jean favorites include:

#11 – Mother Hustler, Insider and Dazzler

#12 – Frame mini-boot and Frame coated denim

#13 – Vuori jogger


Sneakers or boots

#14 – Golden Goose Ball Star sneakers — the nice thing about the distressing is that when it rains, you won’t notice any marks!

#15 – Stuart Weitzman pointy toe bootsfor dressier days

#16 – Rag & Bone Rover — perfect for everyday casual on cold winter days




Left: Grey wrap coat, similar | Gucci scarf | Right: Moncler puffer | Jogger | Rag & Bone sneakers | Dior bag

#17 – Moncler puffer — this is the best coat I’ve purchased in years. Yes, I know it’s a huge splurge, but it’s worth every penny if you end up wearing it non-stop for 9 months out of twelve! It’s cozy, and thin enough to pack tight in a travel bag.

#18 – Scarvesthis black scarf (I take this everywhere) and this Gucci one

#19 – Wrap coat from last year — similar here and camel coat I love here


Bras and panties

Thanks to an almost three year partnership with Wacoal, I have a drawer full of bras … and no surprise, there are several I wear all the time because they’re THAT comfortable!

#20 – Wacoal brasSoftly Styled, Red Carpet strapless Soft Sense and Instant Icon.

#21 – Natori Bliss Perfection thong is my favorite, and I also like the not sexy but practical Soft Stretch ones by Chantelle


Cozy Pj’S

Target pj’s

I love love love pj’s, and this time of year, the selection is amazing! Last week, I picked up this pair from Target, and I proceeded to wear them 4 nights in a row. Hah!

#22 – Honeydew pj’s — have worn weekly for three years (!)

#23 – Barefoot dreams cardigan and Emu slippers purchased during the early pandemic days

#24 – Nordstrom Moonlight pj’s — so comfy !



I usually keep the two bottles I’m wearing the most in the jewelry section of my closet, so after I’m all dressed and have selected my jewelry for the day, I spritz some on and — I know it sounds silly — but it instantly lifts my mood!

#25 – Rouge 540 — the number one scent from the perfume line that I wear most days

#26 – Tom Ford Rose Prick  –– subtle but fabulous!


Thank you for reading xx

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