7 July 2022

The #1 tip when shopping the NSale

AllSaints leather jacket | Vince slipdress | Sandals | Sunglasses | Bony Levy necklace | #1 tip

The #1 tip when shopping the NSale 🙌

Buy good, solid pieces that make great outfits!

Yesterday, I walked into our local Nordstrom store, excited to see the Anniversary Sale items I had on my “wish list.” But, when I headed into the Anniversary sale section of my favorite department, it looked dark and a little uninspiring. Also, I noticed that very little of what was on my wish list was in store — you’ve got to check online first.

There are several very important things to remember when shopping the NSale. So, I’m going to share them with you to give you the best advantage when navigating this important sale … including the #1 tip to keep in mind!

What is the #1 tip? Buy good, solid pieces that make great outfits. In fact, this is one of the main reasons I make style boards for you — because it’s much easier to visualize outfit ideas on a board.

Remember there’s more online than in store, so don’t wait, order what you love — you’ll be happy you did! In fact, I was reminded of this yesterday when I hardly saw anything in store that was in my shopping cart.

Don’t overlook regular priced merchandise, even if it’s not on sale. Just yesterday, our local store received a brand new Vince group — look at this and this, Ulla Johnson that’s perfect for summer, and a brand new Veronica Beard group (love this dress and this sweater). And there was way more — it all looks SOOO good!

Today’s post is about the cool pieces I found that make AMAZING outfits. I hope you get inspired and find a few things you love. There are a lot of great sale pieces out there, you just have to imagine all the outfit possibilities. And of course, I’m happy to share because I LOVE helping you find clothes that you also love. Happy shopping!! 🤍

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Classic coats

You can never go wrong with a classic coat, and this year, the selection is the best I’ve seen in a long time. For example, I love a good camel coat like this one below; also look at this Nordstrom one and this gray wrap one.

If you’d like something a little different …

For something bright and fun, the Halogen one below is very well-priced. You might also like this and this. #1 tip: a classic coat is a solid piece that will help complete many, many outfits. One can never have too many coats!


Left board: Green coat | Cream sweater | Mother denim | Chloe tote | Boot | Ring | Right board: Camel coat | Vince sweater | Denim | Boots | YSL bag | Hat | Necklace

Other favorites



Trench coats

Trench coats are another classic staple, and everyone needs at least one good one. For example, this one by Sam Edelman is solid choice. In fact, I tried it on and it fits nicely and is well priced! Wear trench coats over denim, and they’re chic over dresses too.

Left Board: Sam Edelman trench | ATM tee | Denim | Marc Fisher Pump | Clare V tote | Hoop earrings | Right Board: Sam Edelman trench | Chloe tote | Vince camel sweater | Marc Fisher Pump | Flare jeans | Ring

Other favorites



Slip Dresses

The Vince slip dress, cami and skirt are faves on the NSale. I’ve worn my slip dress over and over again, and there are many options for covering your arms (if you prefer). For example, you could try a leather jacket, blazer, cardigan (this one is perfect), or a sweater over your shoulders. Trust me, everyone loves these pieces!

Left: Cinq A Sept blazer, not on sale | Slipdress | Sandals | Clutch | Earrings | Right: Veronica Beard blazer, not on sale | Slipdress | Sandals | Clutch | Earrings

Other favorites




Blazers are another fashion staple everyone needs right now. Last fall in NYC, every cool girl was wearing a slightly oversized version with denim, sneakers and a baseball hat. For example, this Rails one is perfect. Find one or two you love, and you’ll wear them all the time!

Left: Rails blazer | Frame sweater | Mother denim | YSL tote | Green necklace | Marc Fisher pumps | Right: Blazer jacket | Nordstrom sweater | Paige jeans | YSL bag | Bony Levy ring | Boots

Other favorites




Leather jackets of any type are a great way to add a little edge to your outfits. The AllSaints leather jackets are among your favorites (judging by the numbers), and so is this one by Reiss. They’re versatile, work most seasons, and add an element of modern to your outfit.

Left: Belted jacket | Sweater hoodie | Chloe tote | Denim | Sneakers | Right: Belted jacket |Sweater | Denim | Boots | Earrings | Wallet on chain

Other favorites


Thank you for reading! xx