26 June 2022

Your summer capsule wardrobe: the must-have pieces!

Open Edit blazer | Tank | Frame denim | must-have: L’Agence sandal | Bangle

Your summer capsule wardrobe: the must-have pieces!

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to review your essentials and get your closet organized. A solid wardrobe foundation (any time of year) not only makes getting dressed easy and effortless, but also helps you be prepared for any occasion. Since the season is short, I believe in having a carefully edited collection of great pieces. When they’re combined, they make the most stylish outfits ever! Today’s post is about your summer capsule wardrobe: the must-have pieces we all need!

Throughout my career, I’ve probably helped thousands of women in the dressing room. And you know what? One thing happened over and over again: they often found too many things they loved! Thankfully I’m pretty good at narrowing down choices, and at selecting the best pieces that will create many, many different outfits. This is why I’ve finally decided to share my take on a “summer capsule wardrobe.

I recently wrote a post called “Are Capsule Wardrobes Even Worth It?” where I explored the concept that capsule wardrobes can be a little ‘unexciting’ unless you add in some fun stuff. But, the starting point is actually the most important one — you have to make sure you have all the right pieces! So, I created a summer capsule wardrobe for you. All these items are proven, meaning they’re best-selling, well-fitting and worth every penny. I hope you like it! I promise it’ll make dressing for summer easy … and fun!


Susie’s capsule wardrobe

Trust me, it was really hard to narrow this down. But, the pieces below are ones I’ve talked about over and over again — in addition to a few new ones. In order to create an amazing wardrobe, you have to start with the basics. Once you have the basics covered, the best way to keep things fresh and updated is by adding new, cool and maybe even colorful accessories every now and then!

Row 1: Tan blazer | White blazer | Tan cardigan | Denim jacket | Utility jacket | Black cardigan

Row 2: ATM t-shirt | Ganni t-shirt | Gauze top | Blue top | Tank | Print blouse | Puff sleeve top

Row 3: White Denim | Jeans | Paige pants | White shorts | Denim shorts | Swimsuit | White dress | Green dress | Black dress

Row 4: YSL bag | Sunglasses | Hat | Tote bag | Straw bag

Row 5: White sneaker | Black sandal | Schutz sandal | Tan sandal | Black sandal | Flipflops



J.Crew Linen Blazer

Tan linen blazer

Left board: Silk cami | Denim | YSL bag | Sandals | Bracelet | Middle board: Tank | White jeans | Basket bag | YSL sandal | Pearl necklace | Right board: Dress | Sandal | Earrings | YSL bag



Cinq á Sept Blazer

Cinq Á Sept blazer

Left board: Graphic tee | Sneaker | Bracelet | Bucket bag | Middle board: Silk cami | Skirt | Basket bag | SandalRight board: Dress | Earrings | Sandal | Bag



J.Crew beach cardigan

J.Crew beach cardigan

Left board: Tank | Jogger | Sneakers | Tote | Middle board: ATM t-shirt | Shorts | Straw bag | Sandals | Necklace | Right board: Top | Denim | Sandals | Earrings | Handbag



L’Agence denim jacket

L’Agence denim jacket

Left board: Anine Bing t-shirt | White jeans | Basket bag | Sneakers | Middle board: Stripe tank | Shorts | YSL bag | Espadrilles | Right board: Tiered dress | Valentino handbag | Sandals | Earrings



Anine Bing Utility Jacket

Anine Bing utility jacket

Left board: Ganni t-shirt | White denim | Yellow bag | Sneaker | Bracelet | Middle board: White dress | Scarf | Straw bag | Sandals | Right board: Puff sleeve tee | Earrings | Straw bag | Jeans | Sandals



Nordstrom Cardigan

Nordstrom cardigan

Left board: Blue shirt | Swimsuit | Basket bag | Sandal | Middle board: ATM tee | Scarf | Hat | Tote | Paige pant | Sneaker | Right board: Dress | Tote | Sandal | Visor




One of the main items of every great wardrobe

These lightweight summer jackets work for cooler evenings over dresses, jeans and even shorts. Several, including the denim and utility jackets, can be worn throughout most of the year, just styled a little differently. The $59 cardigan is a linen blend, and since it’s lightweight, I call it my summer cardigan. The Cinq á Sept blazer is another year-round staple and it has been a real favorite because it’s so versatile! A great jacket is an absolute must-have this summer, so is a lightweight cardigan.


Layering pieces

You only need a few to complete your outfits

Sometimes people ask me how many white t-shirts I own. The answer is TWO!! A few good layering pieces will cover you for all occasions – this is another “must-have.” Other great layering pieces include Anine Bing tees — they’re just so cool! A silk cami is a great year-round item that works under denim jackets and any blazer. Also, a white shirt is a classic staple, but this Frank & Eileen is special. It’s a little oversized and a little crinkly — perfect! Lastly, floral tops, gauze blouses and oversized short sleeved shirts are extra pieces to consider depending on the climate where you live.


Well-fitting bottoms

The starting point of every outfit

Ideally, owning three pairs of jeans (white or écru, faded denim and black) will cover you in the wardrobe department. The Vuori jogger is the perfect weekend option, and the Paige Carly are great basic pants – perfect for summer. Everyone loves the AGOLDE denim shorts, they’re top sellers that seem to fit almost everyone. Finally, I added a few dresses like the best-selling J.Crew tiered one or this easy black one that’s an all time favorite. Both perfect summer staples and they  good on everyone!


Stylish accessories

The key to completing your outfits

Fun, stylish accessories elevate all your outfits, and I recommend investing in the best bag you can. For example, a straw tote has been my favorite purchase of the year. So has a great crossbody that’s perfect for running errands as well as traveling. Sunglasses always add a glamorous touch, and having one pair you feel really good in works wonders! As far as I’m concerned, a crossbody bag is a must-have — for all seasons, not just summer!


Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Not much to say, except who doesn’t love new shoes?

Neutral shoes go with everything and are usually my first suggestion for many outfits. A great nude pump just kind of disappears and makes your legs go on forever. A sandal like this favorite by Schutz is perfect for spring outfits — and believe it or not, they’re really comfortable! Other summer sandals and white sneakers are the key pieces that will get you through summer.


Thank you for reading xx