21 June 2022

These Are the Outfit Mistakes I Try to Avoid

Pants | Tee | Denim Jacket | Sandals | Tote | Sunglasses | Necklace [no outfit mistakes with this combo!]

These Are the Outfit Mistakes I Try to Avoid

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Who What Wear’s Senior Editor Bobby Schuessler on this article, “I’m a Former Nordstrom Buyer, and These Are The Outfit Mistakes I Try To Avoid.” I’ve been reading Who What Wear for over 10 years to get the latest in fashion trends and street style, as well as tips from some of the top editors in the business. So, you can imagine my excitement during the early days of the pandemic when an email appeared from Kat Collings, the Editor-in-Chief of WWW! We’ve worked on many articles together for the 2 1/2 years, and it has definitely a career highlight and an honor for me 🙂

Today’s post is about the outfit mistakes I try to avoid — and I definitely don’t always get it right. Just the other day I posted a photo where my jeans were way too long!! While everyone has their own fashion journey, I’m sharing a few ideas in case any of these tips might work for you too. If you’re wondering why I always write about the WWW articles here on the blog, here’s the scoop: I provide the photos, quotes and specific pieces for WWW, and then the team over there selects the items that are clickable. They always pick the coolest things, but here on my blog you’ll always get my picks. I hope you like them!

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The mistake: Not opting for current denim silhouettes

Jeans | Blazer | Tank | Sandals | Sunglasses | Bracelet | Necklace

The resolution: Since denim is the starting point of many outfits, it’s important that the silhouette is fresh for the current season. Make sure your go-to denim staples are up to date! Right now, I’m loving straight-leg styles and wider-length styles — they’re perfect for the summer months.



The outfit mistakes: Buying impractical pieces

Pants | Tank | Blazer | Sandals – similar | HandbagNecklace

The resolution: Buying impractical pieces can be impulsive and exciting, but make sure to also include ones that work with many of your existing outfits. For example, simply adding a modern blazer to your collection will give you outfits for days! So will having a few layering pieces and basic dresses on hand. These are four of my go-to staples right now.



The mistake: Forgetting to add a special piece

Dress – also available here  Handbag | Sunglasses | Necklace

The resolution: While we all need the basics, we want to avoid wearing too many of them at the same time. Adding of-the-moment accessories, like embellished shoes (which is this season’s It shoe) and fun colored bags (another trend I love), will balance out your wardrobe and keep it looking current.



The outfit mistakes: Not playing with proportions

Dress | Denim Jacket | Heels | Handbag | Sunglasses | Necklace

The resolution: It’s important to play with proportions so you look your best in the clothes you’re wearing. For example, I’ve been loving denim jackets that are slightly cropped, but sometimes they can be tricky to wear. Try styling them over slip dresses or T-shirt dresses — talk about an easy update that’s cool and looks good!



The mistake: Going for bold accessories while also wearing a logo print

Burberry dress, other color | Sandals | Tote | Sunglasses | Watch

The resolution: Of course, there are no set rules, but I find that when you’re wearing a bold logo, make sure your other accessories are understated (like a simple bag and shoes). It’ll really elevate your outfit!


Thank you for reading! xx