27 June 2022

The shoe trick that levels up all your outfits!

Vince top | Mother Hustler jeans | Valentino handbag | Paige sandals | Diamond layer necklace

The shoe trick that levels up your outfits!

Who wants to look effortlessly put together every single day? I do, and I think you do as well! I have a style tip straight from my dressing room experiences that levels up your outfits every single time. Here it is: own several shoe/handbag combinations that work with many different outfits. If you have a few shoe/bag pairings on hand, you’ll never have to think about the finishing touches (which is super helpful when you’re in a hurry). For example, the Loewe tote and YSL sandal that I’ve been wearing nonstop? It’s the perfect example of a pairing that works with almost every one of my favorite summer outfits!

Today’s post is about the perfect shoe and bag combos for every summer outfit. You can start with a neutral shoe, like this best-selling Schutz sandal. Pair it with this Rebecca Minkoff bag and you get a stylish and versatile set. Also, you could try this black shoe and bag combo, as well as this bright pink bag and sandal (which is what I’m wearing above). Trust me on this one, if you haven’t tried this style tip, I think you’ll find it really helpful!

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Straw & Canvas shoe and bag combos

Denim jacket | Navy top | White denim | Sandals | Straw bag


Cute straw bags


Left: Pink straw bag | White sandals | Pink sandals | Middle: Green straw bag | Gucci sandals | Schutz sandals | Right: YSL straw bag | Gucci wedge espadrille | Gucci flat espadrille 


Sleek canvas bags


Left: Chloe tote | Staud wedge | Dolce Vita sandal | Middle: Tennis tote | Tretorn sneaker | Valentino sneaker | Right: Leopard tote | Tory Burch sandal | Marc Fisher sandal

Straw and canvas bags are trending, with good reason! They’re perfect for spring and summer, and very versatile. Also, they’re great for travel, great for errands, great for everyday use. In an ideal world, I’d have one of each 😉 The best trick for these bags: own a couple and alternate them.



Metallic Shoe and bag combos

Cami NYC dress | Gold clutch | Gold sandals | Pink earrings | Drop earrings


Gold and Silver bag & Shoe combos

Left: YSL bag |Loeffler Randall flat | Loeffler Randall heel | Middle: Gold clutch (similar)  | Cult Gaia sandal | Fendi sandal | Right: Valentino bag | Paige sandal | Silver block heel

The trick to metallic shoe and bag combos is to be adventurous and mix it up a bit! Try different shades or textures for a fun and interesting look — especially for parties and special occasions.




Left: Valentino bag | Tory Burch sandal | Vince Camuto sandal | Middle: Givenchy bag | Green sandal | Black sandal| Right: Bottega Veneta bag | Gucci black sandal | Gucci pink sandal

Of course we all need black bags, but fun, bright ones do bring joy — and an element of fun — to getting dressed. And, you might be surprised at how often you turn to a non-black bag! This is especially true when wearing a monochromatic outfit.



Tan & Caramel shoe and bag combos

Dress | Sandals | Scarf | Handbag | Necklace | Earrings


Classy caramel


Left: Burberry bag | Stud sandal | Lace sandal  | Middle: Valentino bag | Heeled sandal | Flat sandal  Right: Frame bag and chain option | Marc Fisher Sandal | Tory Burch sandal |


The best trick of all: Great neutrals


Left: Rebecca Minkoff bag | Clear sandal | Suede sandal | Middle: YSL bag | Metallic heel sandal | Vince Camuto | Right: Givenchy bag | Sandal | Pump

These are the best neutral shoe and bag combos you’ll find. And, while they aren’t the most exciting, you’ll have outfits for days! The bags are all seasons, and they go with everything from work outfits to t-shirts and jeans on the weekend. I also believe there’s room in our wardrobes for both colors (caramel and tan) since they are slightly different hues.



Left: Gucci bag | Slingback | Sandal | Middle: YSL puffer | Leopard pump | Sandal | Right: YSL bag | Schutz sandal | Tory Burch

I call these three designer bags “the classics.” For example, they’re all versatile, year around and hold way more than you’d think! And, they’re under $1500 and you’ll be able to wear them with almost anything in your closet. And, since we’re heading into summer, the trick is to pair them with shoes that are seasonal.


Thank you for reading xx