19 December 2021

These fun finds will make you excited for 2022!

Pink vest | Mother denim | Veja sneakers | ATM tee | Chloe tote | Gucci sunglasses

These fun finds will make you excited for 2022! 🙌

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Every single year, around this time … I start thinking ahead to next year! Don’t get me wrong, I’m savoring every minute since all my kids are home, and I’m looking forward to Christmas with my parents and extended family. But, I’m also dreaming of brighter days ahead, planning a few vacations, and of course thinking about key investment pieces to keep my wardrobe updated and interesting. It goes without saying that when I think of these things for myself, I want to write about them for you 😊 These fun finds will make you excited for 2022 and I’m happy to share them with you!

Ever since I began this blogging journey, it has caused me to re-think my own wardrobe — let me explain how. You see, when I wear items that have sold out, it’s inevitable that someone asks me about them. And I feel kind of bad — I know it’s a little silly, but it’s true! And since I don’t have an endless wardrobe budget, it causes me to be extra thoughtful when deciding which items to invest in. The goal is to pick good, solid pieces that are not only versatile, but also will be in style for seasons to come. Some of these pieces are springy, like these sandals I finally decided to purchase. And other items, like this new Paravel luggage, weekender bag and wrap scarf will be perfect for any month in 2022. Time to get excited for the coming year!!🌟

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It’s time for a sneaker switch-up

Pretty safe to say sneakers are a go-to staple for all of us! I’ve been wearing these Golden Goose on repeat, but recently someone asked me if they’re over — which caused me to think (!!) While I still plan on wearing mine for a while, I won’t be purchasing a second pair. I still love these by Veja, and this black pair by Rag & Bone. But thinking forward to next year, I’ve been wondering what the next hot style will be. I recently tried these Alexander McQueens, and they might be a little clunky for me, but they’re SO cool! See what I came up with below.

Apparis faux leather coat | Loewe sneakers | Mother denim | Bottega pouch | Passport holder | Earrings | Veronica Beard turtleneck

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New season, new denim

Someone asked me the other day where to start if you’re in a fashion rut. Since I believe every great outfit starts with denim, make sure the ones you own fit amazingly well, and are current. The best part about denim is it works for all seasons. In an ideal world, I think one should own black, blackish gray, a medium wash and lighter wash. Once those are covered, add in white or écru. You’ll be all set! My latest denim purchase is this Fidelity grayish wash, and this faded Mother. Always enjoy fun finds when it comes to denim!

Wrap coat | Stripe sweater | Mother denim | YSL tote | Earrings | Sunglasses | Slingbacks

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Travel essentials that are anything but boring!

Since I’ve been dreaming about vacations lately, I realized having some stylish and practical travel pieces ups your style game when traveling. After much research, I decided to purchase a Paravel suitcase, which I’m excited to try out (I was debating between the brands Beis and Paravel). This Weekender bag is so so good, I can’t wait to make a video to show you all how cleverly they designed it. Plus, it fits nicely on any of your suitcases. I really can’t talk about travel without mentioning packing cubes – they’re life changing (!!) and I’ve talked about them over and over on this blog. Everyone in the family needs them, they keep your suitcase organized and tidy.

Trench coat | Black pants | Burberry scarf | Tory Burch sneakers | Packing cubes | Paravel suitcase | Weekender bag | Bracelet | Lip balm

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This color combo goes with literally everything!

There’s a richness to the color saddle brown; it elevates every single outfit. And, it works with almost any color to make your outfits look more sophisticated. Last year, I invested in this Loewe tote — worth every penny, but I was missing a sandal to pair with it. On occasion, I’d wear these Sam Edelmans, but honestly they had seen better days. So thinking ahead, I’ve decided to purchase this YSL one I’ve had my eye on for months. If you’re not up for thinking about spring yet, you can apply the concept now by using a bag like this and a boot like this. Trust me on this one, it’s a great combo! Click here to watch today’s Reels video where I used this color combo.

Anine Bing tee | Mother denim | YSL sandals | Loewe tote | Bracelet, similar | Grey wrap | Sunglasses | Perfume

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Save your money and invest in one handbag

I get this handbag question all the time: “If I could buy one bag that works with everything, what would it be?” The YSL Toy Puffer bag has hands down been the favorite all year. It’s soft, easy to get in and out of with one hand, fits more than you’d think, and works with every outfit. Because I invested in black, which is super practical, I’m looking ahead to a more neutral color for next year. I even thought about trying the YSL bag in a second color, which I’ve NEVER done before 🙂 Read on for a few ideas.

Anine Bing blazer | Stuart Weitzman boots | Ring | Candle | Denim | Vince sweater | YSL bag

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Trench coat must-have

The other day, I filmed this Reels video using the J.Crew trench I bought last year, and it dawned on me … it looks way too conservative. It’s not that comfortable and it’s a little stiff, and honestly I don’t feel very stylish when I wear it. So now, I’m looking for a longer, softer style that I can layer over a hoodie and wear all through spring, feeling super cute and put together 😊 See below for my fun finds!

Trench coat | Loafers | Watch | Silver hoops | Marc Jacobs bag | Anine Bing sweatshirt | Mother denim | Scarf

Other favorites



Sunglasses wardrobe: is there such a thing?

I think so! Sunglasses are the only item you need if you want to add extra glamour to your look every single month of the year! Never mind whether you skipped mascara or have red eyes, no one will know 😉 When you make a couple of fun finds, buy them. I think black, oversized plastic is always a great place to start, and tortoiseshell is another option for a slightly softer look. Add a pair of aviators to your collection and you’re covered for every occasion. Of course, if you’re a sunglasses lover, then keep adding when you find fun new ones — they always make you look cool and sophisticated.



Thank you for reading! xx