17 December 2021

5 key pieces that make super stylish outfits!

EILEEN FISHER sweater | Crepe pants

5 key pieces that make super stylish outfits!

After working in the fashion industry for 25+ years, there are several experiences that rise to the top — one of which was an exclusive event called Nordstrom Live. It took place in LA, where we spent four days listening to the stories behind some of Nordstrom top brand partners, including EILEEN FISHER. While I was already quite familiar with the brand, hearing more about their backstory made me love them even more. Two Parsons School of Design graduates were in attendance that day, and they shared a bit about their current project. They took recycled older pieces, re-designed and re-purposed them into new products … then sold them in a pop-up store in New York. SO COOL! And all profits went to a local charity, which makes the story even better. (For more information about that program, click here.)

Today’s post is about several key pieces from EILEEN FISHER that make super stylish outfits, including the best-selling washable crepe pant that is known for its versatility. Remember, you don’t need hundreds of pieces to make your outfits work — only a few that you can combine easily. Trust me, this makes getting dressed effortless and fun!



#1 Boucle hooded jacket

Hooded boucle jacket | Cashmere/silk Bliss turtleneck

Recently I popped into our local EILEEN FISHER store, and the very kind salesperson told me how much she loves this boucle hooded jacket. As a matter of fact, she said everyone who tried it on also loves it! The boucle fabric is right on trend, and adds extra warmth and coziness for the winter months ahead. It looks perfect with the washable crepe pants mentioned below, and of course with your favorite denim, sneakers and a white tee. This is a versatile, comfy piece!


#2 Washable crepe pant

Hooded boucle jacket | Wool/Cashmere Bliss sweater | Washable Crepe pant

I think I found my new travel pant!! So so comfy, and versatile too. This washable crepe pant works nicely with a dressier bootie, and for a more casual look, with a sneaker and denim jacket (see below). It’s a top seller and is available in a wide range of sizes. For reference, I’m wearing a petite XS.



#3 Recycled Cashmere Wool top

Recycled Cashmere Wool top | Washable Crepe pants

Another slightly darker gray top that’s also super comfy and made from recycled cashmere. EILEEN FISHER works with an innovative mill in Italy that is changing the way clothes are made. This recycled cashmere is truly sustainable, which is so cool, and it’s a great reason to support beautifully made clothing like this!



#4 Cashmere Silk Bliss sweater

Cashmere Silk Bliss sweater | Washable Crepe pant

I wore this sweater the other day while working from home, and it is so soft and airy … perfect for casual days. When I posted about it on Instagram, I got several messages asking about it. It’s Italian cashmere, and it’s dyed and knit in Italy. In early spring, this light gray color will look amazing paired with white denim.


#5 Other favorite EILEEN FISHER key pieces

All super versatile and worth the investment!




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